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Molyjam took place for the first time in March 2012. Participants were asked to develop a game from ideas with their origin in petermolydeux's Twitter feed.

Various venues throughout the world opened up to developers to form teams and socialize, it was however not a requirement for submission of a game, to be present at any of the official locations. It was encouraged however that people were present at the end of the jam as to show off their games.

Editions and Future


For the first edition there were a total of 330 submissions, 279 of which were submitted from 29 different jam locations around the world and 51 were submitted simply under "Internet" jam.


The first teaser of a 2013 edition, tweeted by Molydeux on March 1st
The first teaser of a 2013 edition, tweeted by Molydeux on March 1st

While an official announcement is still to come Molydeux has present multiple teasers that suggest a 2013 edition will be happening. The latest teaser was uploaded youtube on March 19th.

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