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So, Monster Hunter Tri, a game where you hunt big ass monsters alone or with three other friends online (with keyboard and voice chat support) in order to carve out their scales, horns, fangs, or whatever else they have, to then make more powerful armor and weapons out of, with which to tackle even bigger monsters with a very methodical, expertly crafted, simple yet deep, challenging yet fair fighting system as only CAPCOM knows how to craft, and involving MMORPG-like item gathering and creation elements to add that extra depth and reward with things like elemental (or not) properties, stat or skill bonuses for your gear and all sorts of gadgets, traps, various bombs or other thrown weapons, potions, food, baits, whatever you can or can't think of. Also, a game that's part of a franchise that's very popular in Japan, but has a smaller cult following in the West (personally, I'm new to the franchise with only the previous game, and soon Tri, but enjoy it). Well, this will make for an interesting look once more reviews are out, I expect anything from a 40%- to 90%+ with a decent average.

For more, try the monster hunter youtube channel and the official US and UK websites.

What The Critics Said

100 - Thunderbolt

Tri is one of those paradoxical titles that is by no means perfect, but doesn’t deserve anything less than a ten out of ten rating when compared to everything else on the system.

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95 - IGN AU

Playing co-op with other humans truly brings the game to life. Whether your hunting squad is running like a well-oiled machine, or you're all screaming abuse at the one guy who keeps dying, the unpredictable nature of play always make co-op feel like an occasion.

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94 - Impulsegamer

Monster Hunter Tri is a true gaming experience on the Wii that gets its claws onto you the very moments you start playing and doesn't let go until you've slain every danger to your village.

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93 - IGN UK

Far more accessible and appealing than its PSP counterparts – it's beautiful, absorbing, hugely satisfying to play (with a Classic Controller at least) and thankfully doesn't rely so heavily on multiplayer.

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93 - 3DJuegos

Monster Hunter 3 is the best and most complete videogame in the series, but also one of the most exciting titles of the Wii catalogue. Hundreds of hours of gameplay and free online multiplayer to enjoy hunting big monsters in a game which Capcom couldn't have made better.

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93 - Vandal Online

Capcom has done an excellent and refined job, trying to find the balance between accessibility for newcomers and those hunters who love complexity and difficulty.

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92 -

Monster Hunter isn't the most difficult game of all time, of course, but you'd be hard-pressed to find a contemporary title that places such rigorous demands on its players' dedication and skill. In the same respect, it tends to either terrify its audience off within a couple of hours or engulf them completely.

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91 - Gaming Age

While the core gameplay hasn't seen a great deal of change, it's still a tough as hell game about hunting giant monsters after all, there has been enough refinement here that makes for a far more entertaining adventure than the previous selections.

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91 - Official Nintendo Magazine UK

An astonishing technical achievement, and a cracking full debut for the series on Wii. [May 2010, p.57]

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90 - Nintendo Life

Playing with a team of fellow hunters is some of the most fun you’ll have online with any console, although solo play is enjoyable too. If you have the dedication to get through the hard-going introduction, you’ll uncover an addictive, innovative and beautiful game of ever-increasing depth.

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90 - Meristation

A must-have. There's no other way to explain the efforts that Capcom made to develop the best Monster Hunter that we've seen so far. The inclusion of an online mode its the best choice that Nintendo could've made for this one, a game that you have to own if you're a fan of the series or if you're just waiting for a nice adventure.

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90 - Eurogamer Spain

One of the best games for the Wii and one of the most important titles for this year. Monster Hunter Tri is a truly XXL game that shows that hardcore games are also possible on Nintendo's console.

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90 - Nintendo Power

It gorgeous and fun, and there's nothing else like it for the system. [May 2010, p.86]

90 - Eurogamer

Tri is definitely the best way to introduce yourself to this incredibly involving and rewarding series.

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90 - Zentendo

Monster Hunter Tri is a complete triumph for the Wii. It features the best online set up of any game on the system and provides gamers with an adventure that is both deep and rewarding. Combined with the Classic Controller Pro, Monster Hunter Tri is the best deal on the system; you would be crazy to miss out.

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90 -

Monster Hunter Tri expands the original formula with a bunch of new features and very well improved online multiplayer modes that make the game one of the best in the series and a must buy for any Wii owner.

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90 - SpazioGames

An ambitious project has given birth to one of the best titles on the Wii. Great and deep mechanics, finally (almost) accessible gameplay and bestowed with a good control system. Get it and play it with at least a Classic Controller, your WiiMote won't make it.

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90 - Eurogamer Portugal

With dozens of hours of content and its own identity, Monster Hunter Tri deserves the attention of any owner of a Wii.

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90 - Cubed3

Nintendo were right to put their full muscle behind Monster Hunter Tri, as Capcom have delivered to Wii an utterly unmissable experience.

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90 - Gamereactor Denmark

Gotta kill ´em all. The monster success hits the Wii. Gorgeous graphics and old-school interface makes for a brilliant adventure for the patient player. Highly recommended.

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90 - NZGamer

Overall, despite the issues with clipping and load screens, Monster Hunter Tri shows off what the Wii is capable of visually. And when it comes to online play, this is the best for the system.

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89 - NGamer UK

Adds brains to action fans' brawn, and brawn to obsessive collectors' brains. Ignore the first few clunky hours, and get ready to enjoy the next 300.

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88 - IGN

Overcoming daunting obstacles is part of what makes playing Monster Hunter so rewarding, and the game gives you the option to do so offline by yourself or with friends.

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85 - Games Master UK

Still a tough game to love but if you click with Monster Hunter it'll be an all-consuming relationship. [May 2010, p.62]

85 -

Monster Hunter Tri is the best game in the franchise. We love the underwater worlds and the game looks pretty good. It is also very good to see that Capcom dropped the annoying friendcodes, so that you can enjoy the online experience.

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84 - 9Lives

It’s about time that Monster Hunter found its way to the west. With Monster Hunter Tri, the Nintendo Wii has another wonderful game. Graphically good-looking and more than enough depth to keep you locked to your console for many hours. At first you will have to fight through the repetitive parts and the gameplay is not for everyone out there, but don’t let that discourage you. Once you’ve battered the first giant enemy into submission, the game will grab you and pull you in for a long adventure.

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84 - GameTrailers

If you're looking for a good single player adventure and the best online experience on the Wii bar none, then look no further than Monster Hunter Tri. Newcomers will find it very easy to get into the action, while the experience is deep enough to satisfy seasoned adventurers.

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83 - Game Revolution

Irrespective of these minor interface wobbles, Monster Hunter Tri is undeniably addictive. It has arguably the most up-to-date online mode on the console. And it’s the friendliest to newcomers that the series has ever been.

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83 - The Onion (A.V. Club)

The underlying complexities of crafting nifty new gear from their bones is the reason to put roots in Monster Hunter Tri’s wooly world.

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82 - Cheat Code Central

Monster Hunter Tri is a game that really sucks you in. With a single-player mode that can last 30 hours or more and a multiplayer mode that has an endless amount of new areas to explore and quests to complete, if you pick this title up, you may not be able to put it down!

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80 - Gamereactor Sweden

A superb online mode and practically infinite game time make us cheer with joy for this engaging monster-collecting adventure.

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80 - Kikizo

A merciless, intimidatingly featured, almost grotesquely involved role-playing timesink, perched balefully atop a platform whose users take to higher difficulty settings about as readily as pigeons take to cactus plants.

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80 - VideoGamer

It brings the tried and tested formula to the Wii without as much as a hiccup, offering the most user-friendly experience yet. The game still requires patience and a solid investment of time, however, meaning that Tri is still very much reserved for the core gamer.

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80 - GameSpot

Exciting online play and beautiful visuals help Monster Hunter Tri finally make good on the series' enormous potential.

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80 - GameDaily

Even though its visuals and audio come up short, Monster Hunter Tri is one of Capcom's best. The gameplay grows on you after the first few monster kills, and teaming up with friends on epic quests never get old.

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80 - games(TM)

Despite being far lighter on content than its PSP predecessors, Tri always feels like it has plenty more to offer. [Issue#95, p.106]

80 - GamePro

My experience with Monster Hunter Tri was fantastic. Despite its numerous flaws, it was fun, fascinating, complex, and undeniably alluring. I intend to keep on playing it, not on a daily basis, but whenever I feel the desire to experience the thrill of the hunt.

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80 - GamerNode

Monster Hunter Tri brings a deep, complex (albeit difficult), single-player game and combines it with a full-featured online component that will keep players engaged for a long time.

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70 - Edge Magazine

It manages to be that rarest of things: a Wii game that you've just got to try online. [May 2010, p.98]

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70 - Teletext GameCentral

More accessible and finally sporting an online mode, but the clumsy combat still limits the hunt's appeal.

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70 - NTSC-uk

Either way it is played, the victory over a huge monster after a forty-minute battle, and then discovering a new series of armour, etc. that can be made from its parts is the sugar that keeps the player coming back. [JPN Import]

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70 - Game Informer

If you can look past the archaic game mechanics and have the patience to trudge through the early missions, Monster Hunter Tri offers a lengthy and rewarding experience like nothing else on the Wii.

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60 - Gamekult

Monster Hunter Tri is certainly an archaic game full of small imperfections, but its unique ambiance and approach successfully make up for it.

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Note one of the 7/10 scores is an import review of the Japanese release. And the others, well, "too hard, not a GoW/Zelda clone, must suck" as usual. Not to mention some of them were out so fast after release you have to wonder how much time was put into them, especially from people who clearly never dabbled with the franchise in the past, and probably didn't experience the multiplayer almost at all since only media members owned it by that point.

For interested newcomers, try here, here,similar threads, or make your own thread asking whatever you want.

The official Monster Hunter 3 Tri Thread at NeoGAF is a good place for basic information.

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The best video review. 

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I suppose that would be an accurate review for GB crew-like players. Steer clear if that's you, the game will go way over your head! Shame he gets things so wrong (but I suppose it's hard to get it right when you review games you haven't played in an attempt to become the new Yahtzee), like the grind, and the lack of plot, as it does have something resembling that, a first for the series. But that's okay, I was following the game closely and wasn't aware it had that until recently. I suppose that guy would show footage of an FPS where someone constantly misses or kills the lowest first enemies over and over and call it a grind fest?

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#4 Posted by JJWeatherman (14897 posts) -

Those scores are a lot higher than I expected.

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#5 Posted by Willy105 (4915 posts) -

I think they are going to be all over the place.

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#6 Posted by TheHBK (5664 posts) -

Sorry but i cant love any game where animations take precedence over being able to move.  Sounds great except for that.  I think I would get too frustrated.

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So, you wanted to change directions and jump around in the middle of a giant sword's swing? Or hammer a potion hotkey and keep attacking as if you're playing Diablo II? No, then it's not for you either, though it still is a great game even without those, eh, features.

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#8 Posted by animateria (3335 posts) -

Well, I pre-ordered it already after watching countless videos of some guy on Youtube posting all of his online hunts (Japanese version obviously). I've been thoroughly spoiled of all the content but that just makes me want to play even more.
Anyways, Monster Hunter has always been a weird game for the gaming press since it's just one of those games you either get, or you don't. Nice to see a lot of positive reviews though.
I won't say people are missing out if they don't play this game. I understand that most people don't have the patience nowadays to play a game like this (Demon's Souls surprising success is still a very small number of sales compared to most games).   
But personally Monster Hunter Freedom Unite the most gratifying game I've played throughout my entire life, it's funny because I played the first MH and absolutely loathed it. The game play hasn't changed much from MH to MHFU but I approached it with a different mindset, I tried to learn the how and why of everything in MH (besides the potion drinking pose, Capcom could have just made the character drink longer, but I guess they wanted some goofiness).
There's a solid logic behind the mechanics and it rewards you greatly if you know what you are doing. But it's a game that's not afraid to beat you down if you don't know what you are doing. And most people, including me back in the day, can't stand that.

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#9 Posted by Jiggah (304 posts) -
3 words. EGG CARRY QUESTS!!!
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#10 Posted by animateria (3335 posts) -
@Jiggah: Yeah, fuck those!
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I am not about to pre-order (I never do), but this is a serious Wii game and deserves positive attention.  I want this more than Super Mario Galaxy 2 - yeah, you read that correct.

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#12 Posted by Meowayne (6168 posts) -

Keyboard support? Nice!

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#13 Posted by animateria (3335 posts) -
Reviews looking good~
Though honestly I would have been surprised if it got low scores.

"However, Monster Hunter is in the awkward position of seeing many of the same points on both sides of its love/hate balance sheet. To some extent, ameliorating the concerns of the haters would mean alienating an incredibly dedicated and loyal fanbase. "  -Eurogamer

Yup pretty much. A lot of what people who hate it want stuff that MH players would in turn, hate.

"Tri's beginning is a totally different affair, introducing the game's mechanics in easily digestible chunks without asking the same leaps of faith in deferred gratification." -Eurogamer
I hope this is true, my cousin and his friend might get the game and it would be sad to lose em before they even tried. I'd like some fellow hunters I know around my area after all.
" Just remember, the bigger they come, the more likely they are to crush you mercilessly into a greasy pulp. But you'll go back, again and again, because what Monster Hunter does best is enrage you just enough. To prick your ego right to the point where it's about to burst, before suddenly rolling over for you to tickle its scaly belly with a 14-foot lance. Once it has its claws in you, you're over."
Heh, this was totally true for me. I had moments when I threw down my PSP on my bed, grunting with anger and frustration, just to gather my thoughts, think about what I did wrong, what attacks I was getting pummeled by, and picking up the game again and beating the boss much more easily. It's like a WoW raid, you need to strategize after every mistake and find solutions to beating a boss.
And yeah, once the game hooks you in... There's no turning back.
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I would love to get this game, but Super Street Fighter IV will be out soon and I will be putting all my time into that.  Maybe I will get MH3 sometime this summer.

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Not going to buy a wii for a grindy quest game.

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More reviews:
ONM - 91%
Gamesradar - 9
Ngamer - 89%
GamesTM - 8
Edge - 7 (GTFO, they 7/10 the last three MH games, changes and additions be damned)

Not all have been added to Metacritic at the time of writing.
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#17 Posted by animateria (3335 posts) -
@Al3xand3r: Isn't Edge generally considered the most unreliable source of video game reviews anyways? 
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#18 Posted by Driadon (3203 posts) -
@Al3xand3r: That doesn't sound to bad.  As someone who never spent more than a minute in PSO's lobby rooms, this is a great solution.
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This game looks awesome. I am so glad I have a Wii :D 
@animateria: EDGE, I find, are one of the only video game reviewers to properly use the 10 point system. Which is why their reviews seem lower than others.

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#20 Posted by Hailinel (25787 posts) -

Game Trailers gave it a very positive video review:

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#21 Posted by animateria (3335 posts) -
That was a pretty good review, borderlining a newbie guide with all it's details on how someone new should tackle the game.
So far the lack of negativity from the enthusiast press is encouraging. 
I think the Demo sent out some mixed messages (i.e. Giant Bomb QL) since it didn't ease people into the experience.  But, a lot of the reviews so far mention it's an easier game to get into for newbies. Here's hoping that the demo didn't push away potential players.
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Its a really slow burn of a series and a lot of people who've never played a MH game might get a false impression. Even if you play well, even if you're killing all the right guys in the perfect order for the best material, even then the game still forces you to grind like crazy. The combination of no lock-on and the fact that the only really effective weapons are slow as molasses is what killed MH2 for me. Obviously this shit has some inexplicable Japanese mass appeal, and obviously you can make an exciting looking trailer to hook western audiences into buying this game and being totally bummed out by the reality of it, and that's what I see happening. A strong start, followed by it dropping off the charts in the states. 
Queue the "this isn't for ADD gamers derhur" rationalizations. I'm sorry, this isn't a methodical game series to me, its just boring. And nothing I've seen or read of the 3rd indicates its all that different from the 2nd.

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Your opinion isn't fact, and since you didn't spend that much time with it given you just didn't like it all those years back on PS2, you're not qualified to say anything about how grindy it is. Maybe you need to kill the same monsters a few different times to make armor or weapons but most do it because it's fun, not because they have to, just like people don't think "oh no, so much grinding" if they fight Ken or Ryu more than once in Street Fighter. The main game is preparing for, and then doing fights, people enjoy said fights and thus enjoy the game that asks them to fight constantly and increases the challenge.
Also, while you can consider the game "complete" once you kill all the main monsters, many continue to all the extra content which has them repeating more powerful versions and what not, that doesn't mean it's grindy, it means they enjoy it and want to keep playing and CAPCOM has seen fit to cater to said fans and give them playtime worth hundreds of hours, if they want it. Which they do. That's not exactly a negative.
Plenty users in the West find it just as fun too (people were raving about the surprise success of Demon's Souls, but it didn't really sell more than Monster Hunter does in the West, even though it's currently on a far less popular system), even though it's not the mainstream phenomenon that it's in Japan.

Various effective weapons aren't slow, like the long sword, and the new Switch Axe (at least in comparison to the Great Sword and Hammer, though it gets slower in Sword mode). The Sword & Shield is most certainly effective as well, it may be too weak for certain monsters (assuming you've not managed to upgrade it further than the average) but it's still usable for plenty. Of course, the slow weapons are fun to use as well once you understand them better, so that it has a few slower types doesn't exactly make it a bad game, it makes it a varied game since not all play the same. You're the one giving the wrong impression.
As for sales, most succesful titles have a strong start and then grind to a halt, unless they're the "evergreen" Nintendo titles, or some of the absolute TOP Western franchises which may sell until the sequel, which this isn't going to be, obviously. That's the reason people rush to call failures and successes in the first month or two after all. Sales after that point don't tend to get any meaningfully different results. Certain Wii titles bucked the trend and proved some such failure talk false over time, but they're the exception, not the rule. Now, of course it won't become a huge mainstream hit, nobody claims it will, but that won't suddenly mean it's a bad game, unless you consider anything outside your personal preferences bad, which you seem to do, but, uh, lol.

It's not the first game in the West, so obviously if it was to be a mainstream hit as it is in Japan it would have become that already. At most it may sell more than before, but even not doing so won't mean it's a bad game at all, I'm sure even you enjoy certain titles that didn't become mainstream hits, even if not this one.

Anyway, coming in a thread with various people excited for the game and going all "this is wrong, you're giving the wrong impression of the game" is poor form. Plenty others say they don't like the series, but most of them actually have something resembling manners and understand their opinion is just that. There's a demo for people in the US to try and I've written other threads to help newcomers find out more about the game (often starting with no, it's not like PSO, no, it's not free roaming like Zelda, etc, for some who thought so), get their questions answered, or whatever else, nobody's giving the wrong impression of anything. Not the trailers either, all game trailers focus on the action parts, people are aware of that by now. Still, there are plenty that show the player gathering materials as well, and the fights are no less exciting than they appear in the videos. Usually much more so even. There also are plenty gameplay videos to find online which will show more aspects of the game, and CAPCOM even did various liveplays to promote it. Of course if you look at random user videos you'll have to make sure they actually understand the game, not play like the GB crew did in the QL of the demo. And then there are the reviews, hence this thread, obviously.

Edit: bought this today, stupid Nintendo of Greece have set the pricing to 50.99 for stand alone and 70.99 (like $95 folks!) for CCPro bundle so I got it stand alone (not directly from NoG as they don't sell until the 23rd, but every store here adopted that price of course). God I wish Nintendo never dealed with Nortec.

Anyway, played a bit, the tutorials are certainly far improved from Freedom Unite so I don't think newcomers will have any trouble whatsoever once they grasp the basics, unlike with the demo. Just don't jump online right away, do the single player. It has a linear style at first like a standard JRPG asking you to do more and more basic and then advanced tasks as you go on until you learn all there is to learn and continue on your way to hunt the rest great beasts.

Text is a little on the small side, the rest of the game is pure win. Now to find a cheap Wii Speak I guess... Maybe not, I'll probably not do much online... Also, I love the translation. Accurate or not, there's loads of funny flavor text in the NPC lines, it's really a joy to read through it this time.

If you can't get into MH with this game, you never will. It couldn't be simpler without stopping being Monster Hunter. Which I guess may happen at some point after they've had one too many iterations with this formula, but for now, this is your chance folks. Added some more reviews in the OP.

Edit: the European online servers just got online as well. I wandered the lobbies and city a bit but didn't play yet, I want to progress some more in single player. 
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Monster Hunting fun from CTRL+ALT+DEL!

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#25 Posted by animateria (3335 posts) -
Well, I do know I occasionally get weird urges while playing Pokemon to skin them and make gear...
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#26 Posted by animateria (3335 posts) -

Wow... That should have been in the MH3 manual.

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#27 Edited by Al3xand3r (7912 posts) -

More reviews added in the OP. The current average is 85%, with over 40 reviews, which is pretty sweet.

Also, I played a bit online for the first time, I haven't put as much time as I'd like into it sadly. I hunted Great Jaggi and Qurupeco with a couple other dudes, all using Great Swords. They went down pretty fast. Qurupeco barely even called for help, it does it more in the single player, then again attacks seemed to do more damage, and it was only a 1 star mission. It was fun, smooth, with no lag or anything else. Though I tried to do a third quest with the same group, to kill 4 Great Jaggi in one with today's (?) event quest, and the thing disconnected, after we started it too, I probably cost them the quest if the problem was only on my end and they continued. Maybe not, the Great Jaggi hit harder than in single player but they were all decent and it didn't really hit them, I only got hit once myself in the first quest. Anyway, fun,  perhaps I'll play more online than I expected to, but I'll still put more time into the single player first, I'm only in the beginning, just captured a Qurupeco and moving on to a Barroth, though it kicked my ass once so I'll probably invest time in making a nice lance and/or new armor first.
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#28 Edited by Al3xand3r (7912 posts) -

It was #5 in the UK charts on release week, and #12 the week after that. It's in a similar position in other EU countries as well. No numbers though, so we can't really say anything. It seems to be doing fine, not great, but there are factors that could make it appear lower than it is, like the higher titles' popularity.

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#29 Posted by animateria (3335 posts) -
I had a group of people, including me, who decided to buy the iron sword GS (only a 1000z) and kill a Peco for fun.
The darn sword doesn't even have green sharpness on and every attack and just bounced off the Peco. We eventually killed it and I personally vowed to never do something stupid like that ever again.
Anyways, the 4 Great Jaggi one is easy since they only appear 1 at a time. And if there is a hammer user the GJ gets stuck in a KO state fairly often (Assuming the hammer guy knows how to smack the face properly). 
I've beaten the single player and still am in my Peco gear. With the right talisman and gems I got Evasion +2, Recover Up, and Defense (M). Good for my LS and Hammer since they can't block and evasion is the key.  I'm sticking with it until High-rank, where the other armors become much more appealing.
Against the Barroth, use weapons with the water element. The monster is weak against water when he has mud on... He's more susceptible to fire when he loses the mud but he also rolls in mud often enough to replenish it so it's not as useful. For a lance (or any water type weapon besides the LS) the Ludroth has a pretty decent one.
I personally just hammer or GS the guy.
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#30 Edited by Al3xand3r (7912 posts) -

Don't buy equipment, it's just basic starter gear, nothing more (well, Hunter's armor is nice to start with), make your own. Or buy and upgrade them. In my case we were all using the Great Sword made of Jaggi parts, I forget the name atm (well, at least we all looked the same, maybe they had upgraded it further, I'm not sure). I didn't have to sharpen it at all in either quest. Since you're using the hammer you should also hit its head to stun it, that's more effective ;)

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#31 Posted by animateria (3335 posts) -
Everyone decided to use that particular crummy sword... some guy decided that would be fun challenge.
It was pretty funny when everyone's sword bounced off the Peco, until we found out it takes forever to beat him down like that.
The same guy suggested we use the cheapest SnS available to fight a Agnaktor... of course he was kidding but I strongly declined that suggestion.
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#32 Edited by Al3xand3r (7912 posts) -
@Linkyshinks said:

"Out of the top ten within a week is a sign it's selling poorly. "

Not until we have numbers. Sure, total sales are down, but how are the top titles specifically affected? All the titles above MH are great sellers/evergreen titles, there's no indication it did badly unless we assume all titles did badly in which case why would such a niche title with apparently little advertising in the area differ? Let's not forget the top spots of that week are also held by (new or recent) releases like FIFA on multiple platforms, Splinter Cell, SSFIV (also on multiple platforms, and at a lower price point too), and a Grand Theft Auto pack. Again, until we have actual numbers, we can't tell anything for sure. The drop could also be caused by external factors (politics?) which means sales could pick up later on, just as FFXIII and other titles made it back in the top 30.

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