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Moon is Renegade Kid's second video game, and just like Dementium: the Ward, is a DS-exclusive FPS that attempts to create an eerie atmosphere on two small screens. Utilizing a revamped version of the Renegade Kid Engine and more intuitive controls, it has been universally hailed as one of the best of its kind on the Nintendo DS. A remake of the game, titled Moon Chronicles, is being released throughout 2014 in episodic format on the Nintendo 3DS eShop.


Major Kane; the protagonist.

The year is 2058; researchers have been secretly working on a lunar base for some time. While exploring the surface, these researchers find a sealed, alien hatch and from there on in are caught in numerous violent encounters with extraterrestrials.

Cue protagonist Major Kane, a tough guy who knows his way around a tough situation. Shortly after landing there with an unspecified objective his team is attacked and numerous marines are kidnapped. Kane has no choice but to go into the sealed alien hatch in the hopes of finding his comrades.

Just like in Metroid Prime: Hunters, much of the storytelling in Moon is told through exploring environments and reading digital diary entries. There are a few cutscenes with passable voice acting running on a pretty 3D engine, but most of the time Major Kane is communicating with people it is done Metal Gear Solid-style.

Core gameplay

Moon's controversial control scheme utilizes both the D-PAD (for movement), touch screen (for aiming and selecting weapons) and shoulder buttons (shooting). While it is inherently accurate, some find it uncomfortable to use.

Moon hearkens back to the FPSs of old, such as Doom or Quake. It is less action-oriented, with a small number of enemies on screen at any time, and focuses more on interesting adventure elements and story progression.


Moon's critical and fan reception has been mixed. Holding a flat 74 Metascore, Moon was widely received as one of the best FPSes on the DS -- largely thanks to the lack of competition. Critics complained about repeating level design and derivative narrative. Some loved it, however, and it won an Editor's Choice award at and Worth Playing. The game's proficient visuals and constant 60 frames per second were universally praised.

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