The hate mail thread

#1 Posted by jaycee13 (523 posts) -

Thread for all the hilarious hatemail recieved in Mortal Kombat. I think it's inevitable in a game like this that we will recieve plenty of it.

I played my first match online that wasn't against someone on my friends list today. This guy picked Scorpian and I picked Baraka. I beat him pretty convincingly as he only seemed to use the teleport and "Get over here" moves after which I would block and punish with the most damaging combo I know. After the match he sent me a voice message straight away. (Caps are him raising his voice) "Just messaging you to let you know your account will be hacked. The reason you are being hacked is because ALL YOU DID FOR THE ENTIRE MATCH WAS THE SAME MOVE OVER AND OVER. You will be kicked off live in five minutes time." I then debated what to say for the next minute or so then decided on "Good game, man." I noticed the guy has fucking 434210 gamerscore also.

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"PlayStation Network is currently undergoing maintenance."

#3 Posted by Sarkhan (1196 posts) -

Hehe, yeah. It's all in a days work now regarding fighting games:)
#4 Posted by Pibo47 (3166 posts) -
@imsh_pl said:
" "PlayStation Network is currently undergoing maintenance." "
#5 Posted by JacDG (2133 posts) -
@imsh_pl said:
" "PlayStation Network is currently undergoing maintenance." "
Sadly, this. Probably aint going to get much hate mail either, because I suck and now people had time to practice offline, I'm going to be destroyed.
#6 Posted by Scooper (7881 posts) -

I'd watch your account now, brah. Dude sounds serious with the caps and all.

#7 Posted by jaycee13 (523 posts) -
@Scooper: I'll just tell him that I'm in a wheelchair and wear glasses in my friendly north east accent, he'll melt like butter.
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@jaycee13 said:

" @Scooper: I'll just tell him that I'm in a wheelchair and wear glasses in my friendly north east accent, he'll melt like butter. "

Well telling the truth is always the best policy.
#9 Posted by Malphye (410 posts) -
@jaycee13: So, did he follow through on his threat?
#10 Posted by Slaker117 (4843 posts) -

Played against a kid who refused to block any of my attacks. After the match he told me it was "bulshit". I responded saying that he needed to block more, then he sent me a friend request and asked me my age. Not really hate mail, but that was pretty weird.

#11 Posted by jaycee13 (523 posts) -
@Delphye: Not yet, I can still log in.

I decided to be really nosy and look through the games he's played. There is tons of Japanese games with girls of questionable age in skimpy clothing on the little picture thing on the side, and he's S ranked them all.
#12 Posted by ShaggE (6944 posts) -
@jaycee13: I wouldn't be surprised if there's a thread on 4chan right now with him begging Anon to hack XBL because of all the meanie-face people on there laughing at his threats. 
#13 Posted by Malphye (410 posts) -
@jaycee13: Knowing that, I wouldn't know if he's just a crazy harmless dude or a crazy dude that will do what it takes.
#14 Posted by Bestostero (2750 posts) -

This should be fun....but alas, psn.... sigh...

#15 Posted by Bravestar (382 posts) -

Nothing fancy. People told me I'm trash and a homosexual, that they go outside(good for them I guess) and that I just did one move(even though I spam mostly 2 moves).
Though I noticed that when it's time for the fatality and you just change stances constantly, it kinda looks like your dude is dancing. Also people cut their connection when they see you dance. And they might send you hatemail. Some people don't like dancing..

#16 Posted by Sitoxity (544 posts) -
@jaycee13:  It's not Jeff's account for his Japanese 360...right?

In all seriousness, I hope to see some of this appear when PSN goes back up. It's pretty funny when stuff like this gets sent out. I used to get it all the time when I was better at Halo and CoD. Funny stuff.

I doubt I'll be getting much of the hate though, I'm not that great at fighting games and I barely scrape by on Medium (though I refuse to go easier, how else will I learn? Offline anyway)
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I haven't had any hatemail, mainly due to the fact that I have communications from anyone that's not on my friends list blocked. I constantly have people disconnect if I end with a fatality or if they just get beat badly, they're probably even more pissed when they realise they can't message me XD

I hate it in KOTH when you beat someone and they always give you zero, typical though.

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lol I get a TON of hate mail from scrubs who can't stand losing to me....the price of being good :(

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I got a message with some racist undertones from a kid, couldn't have been anymore than 14, saying "How dare you! How dare you do that to me! ME!!!! Beating me with those cheap tactics, I'm going to get you!" Followed by a dismissive message from me. He replied with something along the lines of "You Irish are always using cheap tactics to win" and a few other stereotypical messages. He mastered Rain in one day, and couldn't handle my extremely aggressive Sonya attacks, where I got into my flow, and never used the same move more than twice...
....this conversation also took place with my friend as well, so we both reported him for racist comments made in-game...he then refused to play either of us, or anyone else in the room for that matter, so we all left and joined a new one...seriously though, dude must have thought he was the second coming of Christ made manifest. His outrage was hilarious, probably my proudest moment playing MK. He also had Nero from DMC 4 as his gamer picture, so he was already a failure from the get-go. 
The best thing was: my controller sucks, one thumbstick is broken, one always sticks to the left, and my left trigger is bolloxed...and I only had the game for 3 days. I couldn't care less if I got hammered in every other match I ever played, seeing those messages made my day!

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