dredward's Mortal Kombat (Xbox 360) review

FATALITY! MK's back and more brutal than ever!

     Mortal Kombat is a side scrolling Fighting game made by Netherrealm studios and Warner bros. games. It is a reboot of the popular fighting game francise which ended with M.K.: Armageddon. The game tells the story of the first three games (Wait, the M.K. series has a STORYLINE!?), expaining the rise and fall of the anicent netherrealm ruler, Shao Khan. 
     The graphics to this game are SWEET! Strangley, despite this being primarily a 2D game, the backdrops are really impressive! I acctually lost one fight in the game because I was starring at a dragon rampaging in the background! The graphics also make this game the most violent in the series, every punch you inflict scars your oponent, every fireball thats thrown at the victim will burn a piece of his/her clothing, and every drop of blood thats spilled will splat on the floor! 
     They finally switched back to 2D, and boy, was it a great move! Gone is the arkward strafing and miss-angled power attacks. The games controls are now nearly FLAWLESS (As long as you use the d-pad, I strongly suggest avoiding the joystick controls). The campaign mode is short, about 4 hours at the most, but it IS a fighting game, so what do you expect? Of couse, there is also the ladder challenge, basically classi... um sorry KLASSIC M.K. gameplay, you go up the ladder of oponents before facing Shang Tsung, Kintaro/Goro and finnaly Shao Khan. Threr is also something called a 'Challenge Tower', 300 fights with certian changes to each one (Controls Reversed, Armless characters, etc), each one you win will give you point, wich you can use to unlock items in the Krypt, but beware, the Krypt keeper can stike at any moment! Added to that is a training mode and multiplayer, wich is basiclly a small addition to the main game, and to be honest, THIS IS HOW MULTIPLAYER SHOULD BE! It shouldnt be the game's main feature! It should be another option wich you can play if you really want to! I'm looking at YOU, M.W. 3! Training mode is basically a way to try out your combos and learn the basic controls, you can also practice your fatalities in this mode, AND THE FATALITIES ARE ACTUALLY PERFORMABLE THIS TIME AROUND! 
     The sound for this game is great to, especially the impact and dismemberment sounds are epic. The voice acting is cheap, but cheerful, and the klassic 3 cord 'Fatality mini-song', sounds great too. 
VERDICT: I'd reccomend it to ANYONE, exept your Grandmother, your youngest child and Jehovah's Wittneses :P

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