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Game Information

The biggest change to MotorStorm: Arctic Edge is its Alaskan location. The tracks in the game will be placed at different altitudes of a mountain. Mud and gravel tracks will occupy the base of the mountain. The other tracks higher up on the mountain will feature more snow, ice, and rock. A new gameplay event being introduced to the series are avalanches.

Snow Machine
Similar to the previous games in the series, the tracks in Arctic Edge will feature multiple routes and multiple car classes competing at once. Bikes, Buggies, ATVs, Rally Cars, Big Rigs, and Mudpluggers will return, and both Snow Machines and Snow Cats will be introduced. The gameplay will include the same highly competitive, ruthless off-road racing that fans have come to expect. The AI is still just as aggressive and the crashes and explosions will still send ragdoll drivers flying. 

Track Logos
The game will include 12 tracks, with clockwise and counter-clockwise variations offered. There will be 24 vehicles to choose from, 3 from each class. Various aspects of the vehicle appearance can be customized, including liveries, decals, colors, spoilers, and lights.

The PSP version of the game will also include online multiplayer for up to 8 players. 


  • Wreckcreation: Compete in one off racing or time trial challenges
  • Festival: The game's main career mode, cars are unlocked here. Over 50 challenges.
  • Multiplayer: Battle a friend in Ad-Hoc or challenge the world in Infrastructure mode.


The game's acheivement system is unlockable badges, which can be unlocked by completing various feats such as finding hidden Pursuit Force logos and completing 50 overheat finishes.

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