Should I buy this? (Steam Sale)

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Never played Mount and Blade and this is the cheapest one, is it fine to start with this? What are the differences between the games?

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Check out the quick looks. I'd but it if I had any money to spare

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I liked it, but I'm weird.

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Just get the complete pack, can't be that tight on money ?

But if you can only get one, I'd say go for's got the best mod support.

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I would go with warband if I were you, not only it's a better game overall, but there's also plenty of great mods to try after you're done with the vanilla experience.

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My favourite would be Warband. Mount and Blade Warband expanded on the original, has the same fictional medieval setting, world and factions but just more features such as being able to form your own faction to try to become the ruler of a nation/everything, get married, etc. Fire and Sword on the other hand has a setting more grounded in reality, with factions like Poland, Russia, Ukraine and a couple of others. Main difference in the game would be the time periods, as fire and sword includes basic firearms and grenades. Which can make it kind of frustrating, especially as the first one to dive into, as it can be a bit rough fighting against enemies with muskets who can cost you a battle with a single shot.

Personally I prefer the medieval setting of warband, but I haven't played enough of fire and sword to really go into depth on it. I own both, but the setting, firearms and grenades kind of put me off of Fire and Sword.

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Warband has a demo you can check out to see if this game is for you.  There isn't really anything quite like Mount & Blade so you should probably try it for yourself before buying any of them.

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Go for Warband.
Fire and Sword is kinda wonky and not as fun as Warband, really feels like a user made mod if anything.
Its fun, but not as your first Mount and Blade game, go for Warband, you'll thank me later.

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Damn, I bought Warband and Fire & Sword like 3 days ago... It was totally worth it though, so yes, you should buy some Mount & Blade. If anything I suggest you to buy Warband, even if I played very little of both, I can say that it feels like a overall better game so far.

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@Fattony12000: Actually, I think Mount & Blade: Warband DLC, Napoleonic Wars is what everyone has been really getting into online. People are going so far as to emulating actual line battles, never thought I'd see it happen in any type of video game.

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