Let's get some multiplayer together

#1 Posted by Slab64 (1097 posts) -

What server(s) does everyone here play on? Maybe we could get a "clan" together or something...

#2 Posted by Ryax (4580 posts) -

ive wanted to play this, i just havent found a justified reason to drop 30 on it. but if i get convinced im down.

#3 Posted by DCFGS3 (1084 posts) -

Yeah I'm waiting for the inevitable steam sale before I get this, but am stoked for it nonetheless.

#4 Posted by MuttersomeTaxicab (778 posts) -

I'm usually running around naked, swinging the best two-hander I can afford on the Medievalmayhem siege servers.
#5 Posted by MisterMollusk (453 posts) -

I'm gonna be picking this up on steam before the sale is over on july 4th if anyone wants to play.

#6 Posted by Slab64 (1097 posts) -

Its been a while since I jumped on...im gonna load it up in a bit and find the name of the server i usually play on.

#7 Posted by Dizzyhippos (2059 posts) -
@Ryax: if you havent already seen its only 15$ untill july 4th

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