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You Get What You Pay For 0

If it wasn't for some of the Live Arcade games bundled here, this would easily get a star-lower grade. But there's such great value here that I can't ignore, even if it's at the cost of accessibilty.I remember the old Namco Museum days, where you would actually go through a 3D museum of arcade classics; you could read up on the history of the games, or look at unused art or whatever. That was a creative and entertaining way to show you the work that went into these classics, not to mention a coo...

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Collection of classic sweetness. 0

Namco Museum Virtual Arcade boasts a hoarde of new and old games. It has anything from a few months old Xbox Live Arcade release to a classic 80’s Arcade game. Not only does the collection come loaded with 34 games, it comes with a budget price. At $29.99, that’s less than $1 per game. If you haven’t heard of Dig Dug, Pac Man or Galaga before then you’re on the wrong website. If you have never really played any of them before, then this is the perfect starting point. The games in the ‘Museum’ po...

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Nice but Not Great Title 0

 There have been way too many Namco museums over the years. There just aren't enough games in the Namco brand that haven't released numerous times before on tons of different platforms. I am hoping to never see a Namco Museum again.This one, though, does have some nice features. First off, it contains all of the Namco XBLA titles. Some of them have been truly outstanding (Pac-Man C.E and Galaga Legions) and since Pac-Man C.E. didn't break sales records, this might be your first chance to ...

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