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Character Conception

The King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match sought to include every single character from The King of Fighters '99 through the original 2002; however, to do this SNK Playmore would be required to include K9999, who is said to be "a scary character to deal with" thanks to his explicit similarities to Akira's Tetsuo Shima. In order to keep K9999's playstyle in the game without actually including him, SNKP created an entirely new character who could essentially retcon K9999 out of existence: Nameless.

Fighting Style

As mentioned before, Nameless is essentially a re-sprite of K9999. As opposed to his predecessor, a vast majority of Nameless's special moves involve his fire powers.
He retains almost all of K9999's unconventional Desperation Move inputs, including the infamous Raging Storm "pretzel" motion. 
2P = A+C (LP+HP)
QCF = d, df, f / 236
QCB = d,db, b / 214
DP = f, d, df / 623 
HCF = b,db,d,df,f / 41236
HCB = f,df, d, db, b / 63214  
RS = db, HCB, df / 1632143

Command Normals

  • Yukikaze: Performed with f+LP. Nameless lunges forward with his glove, which transforms into a drill.
  • Shigure: A wide kick performed with f+LK.
  • Shinonome: Activated with df+HK. Nameless performs a sliding attack.

Special Moves

  • Sawarabi: Activated by pressing QCF+P. Nameless removes his glove then unleashes a forward-moving stream of fire.
  • Yoizuki: With DP+P, Nameless removes his glove and swings downward, creating a stream of fire that arcs above his head.
  • Amagiri: After the player inputs QCB+K, Nameless jumps into the air and creates a stream of fire above his head.

Desperation Moves

  • Shakuhou: If the player can input RS+P, Nameless will remove his glove and surround himself with a gigantic pillar of flame.
  • Zetsuei: Activated with RS+K, Nameless will throw several lightning-fast fireballs at the enemy.
  • Rasen: A Super Desperation Move performed with an unorthodox d, f, df+LP+HP+LK+HK input. Nameless's glove transforms into a giant drill that pins the opponent to the opposite side of the arena.
  • Rinkou: Nameless's HSDM, performed by HCBx2+2P (as opposed to K9999's b,f,b,f... input). Nameless throws his glove away, raises his hand in the air, and unleashes an even larger pillar of flame that reaches the top of the arena. Nameless's deceased lover Isolde briefly appears during this move.

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