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Namingway is an NPC that appears in all versions of Final Fantasy IV, though is role and appearance varies.  In the original SNES version, Namingway is a man that can be found in towns throughout the game.  His sole purpose in the game is to give the player the opportunity to change the player characters' names from their defaults.
In the DS remake, the ability to change the characters' names was removed, rendering Namingway's original purpose invalid.  Instead, he was made the subject of a sidequest.  Namingway hides in different parts of the world, and as the player finds him in each hiding spot, he gives the player a reward before moving on.  Since he can't change the player characters' names, he changes his own name to suit his current situation, though all of his new names are variations on "-ingway."  For reasons unknown, Namingway was redesigned as a rabbit in the DS version. 

Namingway in Final Fantasy IX

In Final Fantasy 9 Namingway was a one of the best cards in it's card battling minigame and there were only two in the game to find with others rarely available as battle prizes. A second function of Namingway was to change the main characters' names when presented to a certain NPC although, the appearance of the card so late into the game made a poor option to a player dissatisfied with the naming choices from the beginning of the game.

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