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     Naoko, nearing her 30's, was a rising television star in Japan in her not-so-distant younger years, who eventually spirelled downward from doing top-rate dramas to B-rate  shows and the like. For the latest show she was hosting (Occult Japan), it was decided to be an episode about the Hanuda legend. She goes to Hanuda sometime before the game's events and basically gets stuck there.

Character Status

     Naoko can be defined as a medium class character, taking a decent amount of damage before croaking. Her only weapon she uses is a revolver found in  Gojaku Peak's custodian shack.

     Naoko can be found as a shibito in two missions; the later one, she's fought as a Inu (Dog) shibito.

Events in Siren


Naoko Mihama, Day 1 11:02:48

     Naoko resents the fact that she has to come out to the countryside and pulls out her cell phone. No reception. She tosses it aside in anger. "Where is everyone!?" she exclaims. Footsteps can be heard coming up to her, and as she turns her head and looks, she sees Akira Shimura, an aged hunter. "An you're involved too," he comments. "I...uh...seem to have gotten lost...I-" Naoko stutters out. 
     "It's all her fault; she hasn't aged in all of these years," Akira blabs on with nonsense with a confused Naoko looks at him. "Do you want to be like that? Do you want to live forever?" Akira rhetorically asks Naoko as he continues on his way. Naoko lets out a grunt. "That's why I hate the countryside!"

Naoko Mihama, Day 1 19:27:21

     Naoko continues on the dirt road until she comes upon a stone marker that seems oddly familiar to her. "No way...I was just here!...If you're out there, fiming me going around in circles, I'm going to kill all of you!" Naoko exclaims, just before she falls off a short ledge.
     Naoko rises up and calms down. "I'm not so crazy that I'm having hallucinatons, am I?" She says to herself. A monstrous grunt fills the dark Gojaku Peak air...

     After setting off the alarm in the siren shack, Naoko sneaks past the sniper shibito blocking her exit tunnel and makes a run for the end.

  • SECONDARY MISSION KEY: Naoko can find a school backpack, and upon spilling its contents, she finds a library card for the local elementary school, a needed secondary mission key for her later mission.

Naoko Mihama, Day 1 22:11:08

     Naoko opens the fire escape door and enters the balcony of the elementary school's gymnasium. While examining the web of wires everywhere in the main area, the door locks behind her. She struggles to pull it open, but to no avail. "Why? Why is this happening to me?" She yells out while kicking the fire exit with her right leg...
     Naoko barely makes it to the school's small storeroom and opens the door to the outside. "I did it!" she exclaims with joy on her face as she steps out into the rainy night...

Naoko Mihama, Day 2 03:33:33

     Naoko makes her way into the red depths of the Mizuhiruko shrine spring at a constant pace. "Eternal youth..." she repeats on and on into the early morning as she crosses deeper and deeper in the waters, until...

Tomoko Maeda, Day 2 06:06:01

     Walking on one of the Karuwari dirt paths towards the church, Tomoko Maeda,  looks up in the early morning sky. Weird aurora's swirl in the fog as while sparkles fly around in the air. "Angels?" Tomoko comments. As she continues looking around, she soon sees the now shabito-fied Naoko staeing at Tomoko while laughing...and then Naoko just runs off towards the distance.

Tamon Takeuchi, Day 3 22:13:33

     After waking up from the huge tidal wave that filled The Nest, Tamon Takeuchi, a professor at a university, hears familiar voices calling to him. "Tamon..." they plead. Tamon gets up and continues down the cramped corridor into the next area...he sees an Inu shibito that used to be Naoko Mihama digging through the trashy remains. He gets out his lead pipe and gets ready to attack...

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