ruig87's Naruto: Gekitou Ninja Taisen 2 (GameCube) review

Better than the original.

Compared to the first game this one has some improvements and some fall backs.
First, what where they thinking by replacing the drawing of the characters in story mode by some framed facial pictures? It was just stupid, can you imagine a frame jumping up and down reflecting Kiba's exitment!? It was just annoying. Thank god this was the only problem with the game.
This game plays just like the first one but compared with the first this one has a broader range of selectable characters, it has a total of 23 characters including transformations, just like the previous title you can't transform during battles, but where in the first game you had to hit the 'x' button in the selection screen in order to use the transformed version of your selected character (Naruto, Sasuke and Kakashi) in this one the characters are displayed as separately.
The characters featured in this game are as followed:

- Uzumaki Naruto
- Kyuubi Naruto
- Uchiha Sasuke
- Sharingan Sasuke
- Haruno Sakura
- Hatake Kakashi
- Sharingan Kakashi
- Nara Shikamaru
- Inuzuka Kiba
- Maito Gai
- Hyuuga Neji
- Hyuuga Hinata
- Haku
- Momochi Zabuza
- Rock Lee
- Sabako no Gaara
- Orochimaru
- Kankurou
- Yamanaka Ino
- Umino Iruka
- Mizuki
- Akamaru
- Karasu

I still fail to understand what Akamaru and Karasu are doing here as playable characters, I mean it just doesn't make sense who want to play with a dog or a puppet? Where is Choji, Ten Ten and Temari?

A good thing about this title is that it has a 4 player support, so if you are a Naruto fan and have 3 friends that would like to play this game with you I suggest you get it, If don't, buy it anyway. I did.  
 Note: Review based on the original Japanese version

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