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Overall this game isn't horrible, but it's just not great either. 0

I borrowed this game from a friend of mine a few days ago, and I'm really glad I did not buy it myself. Being a fan of the anime in the past myself, I had some hope for this game. I gave the game 2/5 stars because it seems it could have had a lot of potential but it fell flat. I was on the breach of giving the game 1 to 1.5 stars, but I did enjoy the game the brief time I spent with it. Naruto: Rise of a Ninja is plagued with repetitive quests, enemies, and boring surroundings. I'll get more in-...

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Naruto: Rise of a Ninja 0

Naruto:Rise of a Ninja tells the story of about the first 80 episodes of the extremely popular anime.You take control of series hero Naruto Uzumaki and do all sorts of missions and mini-games from the Naruto Universe.The graphics are surprisingly good for a Naruto game and everything in the whole of Konoha (Narutos home town of which you can explore) looks natural and vibrant, outside the city walls is a vast countryside full of old building and secrets to find, the outside levels are also more ...

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A Disappointing Naruto Game!:( 0

Thank God i didn't buy this game, instead i rented it. The part of the game that was good was the art work the designers put into it and running around town completing tasks. But after a while the tasks seemed very annoying and i quickly grew tired of the game. I am not a fan of the fighting style they had either. It was the virtual fighter style where there is two people facing each other. The story followed the episodes good and it even included clips from the actual episodes which i liked. I ...

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The first good Naruto game 0

Naruto rise of a ninja is a game that does a lot of things in a descent and accessible for the mainstream audience. The gameplay follows along with the series and switches from game graphics to actual clips and it blends real well. The game uses HD and blends it with anime in a way that you would want. The City and environment looks colorful and vibrant and doesn't give you a generic view of the place your, in and allows you to manuever quite easily. The character models look good, with the st...

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Right there, in the middle; 0

I played this game a few years ago and got the impression that it was not finished when launched. I mean, the art direction is there, truly faithful to the series but there is no real effort put on how the game plays. Thay did goog fighting naruto games on the PS2, so why not keep that formula and expand the scenery? I kept asking myself.  In the end it was a medium class game that I saw to the end.  Right there, in the middle....

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