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Nathan Zachary has been in the middle of trouble ever since he left home at 16 and enlisted in the United States Army to fight in the The Great War. In Europe he was part of Lafayette Escadrille, a section of the French Air Service made almost entirely of American pilots.His WWI flight endevors ended when he was shoot down by the German Ace Heinrich Kisler and spent some time behind the barb wire of a prison camp until he escape and fled to Russia where he countiued to fight with and then against the ongoing Russian Civil War.

After he escape the turmoil of the East, Nathan Zachary headed west, first using his charms and less legal methods he attended Oxford and then finally returned to the United States a war hero and used his reputation and street smarts to amass a nice fourtente from the stock market only to lose it in 1929 with Black Friday and the immediate crash.

After his loss and shattering of the United States into dozens of small nations, Nathan Zachary quickly formed a band of pirates joining the present trend of air piracy under name of The Fortune Hunters. While not very successful at first, failed raid, a dead wing mate on there first outing, and the destruction of there first zeppelin the Oracle, Nathan Zachary and the Fortune Hunters quickly managed to smooth his band of pirates and make them into a formidable outfit making them one of the top new comers to the new Americas and the world of air piracy!

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