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Historical Background

The German National Socialist Party, led by Adolf Hitler ruled Germany between 1933 and 1945, and represented an extreme brand of right-wing fascism with heavy racial overtones. The Nazis are undoubtedly most well-known for their anti-Semitic message, with which they turned the majority of the German populace against the Jewish people, before the systematic mass-murder of around six million European Jews in an event known across the world as the 'Holocaust'. In addition, the Nazis targete other groups they believed to be inferior. These groups were identified as the 'Untermenschen', or 'under-humans' (though more accurately translated as sub-humans). Much like the Jews, the 'sub-humans' were massacred in their millions, resulting in the death of over 11,000,000 innocent people at the hands of the Nazis. The Nazis were notorious for the usage of 'Zyklon B' (translated to English as 'Cyclone B') to kill large numbers of prisoners at once.

On September 1st, 1939, the Nazis ensured the start of a global conflict by entering the neutral nation of Poland, which had been restored as part of the 1918 Treaty of Versailles after its destruction centuries before. It was on September 3rd, 1939, that both Britain and France announced they were at war with Nazi Germany. France would later fall in 1940, and the 'Battle of Britain' would begin, with the Nazi Luftwaffe fighting against the Royal Air Force in Britain. Perhaps the most instantly recognizable fighter of the entire conflict was the Spitfire, despite its comparatively small numbers in comparison to the Hawker Hurricane. World War II was to end, at least on the European front, in May 1945, after the suicide of the leader, Adolf Hitler, who was encircled by the British, American, and Soviet Russian armies. Knowing that defeat was imminent, Adolf Hitler shot himself dead with a 7.65mm Walther PPK, while simultaneously biting a cyanide capsule. Witnesses inside the underground facility known as the Fuhrerbunker confirmed that Hitler shot himself once, in the mouth.

Nazis in Gaming

Mostly, Nazis in games come in one of two varieties:


Two German soldiers under fire in Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway

Given the popularity of shooters set in WW2 in recent years, and Germany being the main loser of that war, the Nazis have shown up in a plethora of games. Though often not openly expressing their political conviction as much as just being regular militaristic enemies, they are, technically Nazis. Phrases shouted in German are usually limited to expressions of surprise or tactical jargon.

Since the Axis powers of WW2 are generally considered to be the ultimate evil of modern western history writing, and thanks to it still being a touchy subject, very few games have let us play WW2 through the german perspecive.

Generic Bad-guys

Nazi-soldier getting his helmet shot off in Wolfenstein 3D

Since little empathy has been expressed towards the Nazis in the last 50 years, whenever you need a human enemy with little to none emotional attachment to the player, Nazis are a sure-fire way to go.

Raiders of the Lost Ark

for the Atari 2600 and

Wolfenstein 3D

for the PC are both good examples of games featuring Nazis, outside of a WW2 setting.

In games like this, the Nazis are there for a reason, so they often show their opinions with great fervor, sporting swastikas, SS-uniforms, pictures of Hitler and so on. They may also shout phrases of loyalty to the Nazi cause, such as "Mein Fuhrer!" (my leader) when being killed in Wolfenstein 3D

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