NBA 2K13 Cover: The New Legends of the Game

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Word's out that the cover for the upcoming NBA 2K13 game will feature three of NBA's top young guns: Blake Griffin, Kevin Durant, and Derrick Rose.

Here's what it may look like:

What do you guys think of their choices?

I think it's pretty appropriate :). These days we're starting to see the new legends of the game breaking out. All three players were rookies of the year (Durant in 2008, Rose in 2009, and Griffin in 2011). I can't wait to see how KD progresses throughout his career... Hope Derrick Rose makes a quick and speedy recovery as well...

PS: I guess this probably wasn't a huge reveal, if you've been trying to figure out what the PR team was teasing the facebook crowd with:

(Pair of griffins on a bed of roses surrounding a tarantula (durantula)

PPS: Weird how the cover above has all three of them doing similar dunks :D.

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I'm surprised LeBron isn't on the cover since, you know, he won the championship and all.

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@Ace829: Yeah, me too... although, since he draws such a huge rift in the audience... I can see why they wouldn't see him as being a good cover.

Plus, this follows up on the whole "Legends" theme :)... and while Lebron IMO is bound to be an NBA Legend (if he isn't already), he's not exactly one of the "new" young guns.

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The real kicker is that Durant was supposed to be the canceled NBA Elite's cover athlete and Griffin was on the last NCAA title, so both worked with EA and now are with 2K. So much for their "future of basketball" theme. Definitely hope Rose has a full recovery.

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