Post your PSN ID to fill out your autolog

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#1 Posted by Vkramac (23 posts) -

PSN ID: Vkramac

#2 Posted by LukeNuk3m (21 posts) -

PSN: LukNuk3m

#3 Posted by Seppli (10250 posts) -

PSN: ExMaloBonum

#4 Posted by DanteAzure (12 posts) -

PSN: DanteAzure

#5 Posted by MachidaX89 (72 posts) -

PSN ID: Noizia22

#6 Posted by Hyperfludd (375 posts) -

PSN - Hyperfludd. 
Please mention you're from GiantBomb or risk the chance that I'll ignore you.

#7 Posted by MoonpieMisfit (19 posts) -

PSN - MoonpieMisfit

#8 Edited by Gunharp (338 posts) -

PSN: Gunharp 
Kind of lame that the game has trophies attached to having friends who also own this title, because it creates a bit of spam from random users trying to friend you in the online modes.
But I look forward to having some duders fill out the Autolog and stuff, the social features looks slick.    

#9 Posted by MightyDuck (1536 posts) -

My psn: GetWhatYaGive
Feel free to add me, just let me know you're from Giant Bomb.

#10 Posted by Buttes (74 posts) -


#11 Posted by Pink_o_mat (207 posts) -

PSN: Pink-o-mat
Looking forward to the races!

#12 Posted by RockMikey (2 posts) -

PSN: Rock-Mikey

#13 Posted by denj3325 (51 posts) -

PSN: Moosemania18 
Please add me, I would like to have some of my friends online that actually play something other than Call Of Duty. Thanks!

#14 Posted by benjaebe (2784 posts) -

PSN: SomeBenicillin
Will be picking the game up in the next few days. Been hearing some really good things.

#15 Posted by TwistedGamer (106 posts) -

PSN: KingRuiner

#16 Posted by SSbabel (1141 posts) -

PSN: SSbabel

#17 Posted by Flaboere (343 posts) -

PSN: Flaboere

#18 Posted by Homeslice (599 posts) -

PSN: chack0
I think I'm gonna pick this up on the weekend -- about 90% sure.
Basically, I want something that will kick my home theater's ass. I've got a great Pioneer receiver, some Energy speakers, and my Tosh 1080P tuned and ready to go, but between the several games I don't have but would like (this one, GT5, Red Dead, NBA Jam), this one seems like it'll attack my senses with the great ferocity.
Am I right in thinking that? I mean, I guess no matter which game, I could just turn out the lights and turn it way up, like Nightmare: The Video Board Game, and it would attack my senses.......

#19 Posted by Naughton (188 posts) -

PSN: SuperNaughton 
None of my friends are playing this, thanks for the thread!

#20 Posted by MikeHawk (382 posts) -

PSN: Phazon72 
This is finally the game that got me back into NFS. It brought back some of the finer moments of elementary school

#21 Posted by LiveyH2P (6 posts) -

PSN: LiveyH2P 
We should modify this into a formal game night like the stickied thread for the XBOX 360 version.

#22 Posted by Xeiphyer (5619 posts) -


#23 Posted by Figglesworth (49 posts) -

My ID Is Figglehead

#24 Posted by DeF (5013 posts) -

PSN ID: D-e-f-
(yes, a dash after each letter, even after the F)
I'll be getting the game for christmas

#25 Posted by Bradtron (32 posts) -

PSN:  Bradtron3030

#26 Posted by StudioErebus (45 posts) -

PSN: studio_erebus
Just mention Giant Bomb.

#27 Posted by omergd1 (118 posts) -

PSN ID: omergdx

#28 Posted by Marcsman (3348 posts) -

PSN id: DirtySkidMarcs 
Cause when you play me, you're gonna shit your pants. Ha ha ha
#29 Posted by Master_Funk (746 posts) -

PSN ID: uskh1171 

#30 Posted by Magicallystoopid (466 posts) -

PSN ID: Haikufrenzy
Please mention that your from Giant Bomb so I don't have to ask.

#31 Posted by jellysnake (48 posts) -

PSN: youdontseesnake 
Just got my PS3 so my friends list is empty.

#32 Posted by BradBrains (1244 posts) -

PSN : BradBrains

#33 Posted by Chop (1999 posts) -

PSN: Wiseguy13 
Nobody on my list has this. It's making me depressed D;

#34 Posted by Mattzz10 (496 posts) -

PSN: Redsocks10

#35 Edited by Spoonman671 (4870 posts) -

PSN: hubli
I don't have the game yet (expect it at X-mas), and don't really know what this autolog is, but here's my ID anyway.
EDIT: Also, please don't send me blank friend requests.

#36 Posted by wchigo (580 posts) -

Just decided to get it, and I had to drive around for a bit before I found it for PS3.
PSN: wchigo

#37 Posted by Daisai (6 posts) -

PSN: Daisai
going to receive this soon, can't wait, AC:Brotherhood has kept me entangled for too long x.x

#38 Posted by Reddy1124 (139 posts) -

PSN: Reddy1124

#39 Posted by secretrob (16 posts) -

PSN: Magus91 

#40 Posted by Capum15 (5047 posts) -

PSN: Capum15

#41 Posted by DauntlessFinch (53 posts) -

PSN : Atticus14

#42 Posted by ocha (40 posts) -

PSN: PirateKingAtomsk

#43 Posted by hermes (1655 posts) -

PSN: hermes200 
Please menction that you are from giantbomb.

#44 Posted by lucas_kelly (769 posts) -

PSN: SilkyPigeon
add me.

#45 Posted by XTraFries (213 posts) -

PSN: DrStoked 
Just got this the other day with a fresh ps3 and am severely lacking in my autolog

#46 Posted by Flaminglizard (74 posts) -

PSN: flaminglizard
#47 Posted by Jams (2967 posts) -

PSN: s1debuster 
I don't have any friends :(

#48 Posted by Unlogik (163 posts) -

PSN: unlogik
Only wanted level 5 and haven't touched any of the cop stuff yet, but let's go GB crew!

#49 Posted by FieryPayne (32 posts) -

PSN: FieryPayne 
 add if wanted. Need more GB type friends lol

#50 Posted by Vonocourt (2174 posts) -

PSN: Vonocourt

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