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So I got the game on PC today but it WILL NOT recognize my wireless 360 controller. Is anyone else out there successfully playing on PC with a 360 controller? I tried asking EA for help but just wound up spending a whole lotta time chatting with someone who knew nothing about anything. Their first suggestion was to reset my modem. Seriously. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Did you reset your modem?



...all right, all right! Several things:

1) Check in the options menu and make sure there's not a "Yo, wanna controller bro?" option. Skyrim and Doom 3 BFG both have that and absolutely will not recognize a controller unless you enable that option.

2) See if it works with other games

3) Change the batteries.

4) Drivers. Duh.

5) Turn your computer off and turn it back on.

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Tried powering the controller on before the game. Lots of games don't have the plug-n-play hooks

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I've done all of the above, including resetting my modem, but that's for a different issue. Anyway, I'm familiar with how to generally get it working since my pc is hooked up to my TV I use my xbox controller alot. There is a control method selection in the options but the controller doesn't show as an option. My other game work with it, such as borderlands 2 and *shocker* NFS Hot Pursuit. Also works in steam big picture mode. I have a very bad feeling that Criterion fucked up and omitted support for the wireless adapter. I've seen that before in a couple of cases. I think Dead Rising 2 had that issue. I'm just trying to see if anyone else has the same issue to verify that I'm not crazy.

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I'm on Windows 8 and wireless controller support is working perfectly for me. The only other suggestion I have that hasn't been given is to try and repair the install. I'm not at my home PC right now so I can't confirm if it's there for Most Wanted, but a few games (like Battlefield 3) have the option when you right click the game in Origin. If it isn't there then you might have to try a redownload. It's stupid how Origin doesn't have it for every game like Steam does.

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Wireless 360 controller works for me on the pc version, so it's definitely supported.

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I feel that I had to put up the images of that chat. It was kinda mind blowing. I did try repairing the game. That's the one semi-helpful thing the tech recommended. It did nothing however.

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@AMDman: Wow, that's pretty awful. I tend to be a bit of an EA apologist, but holy crap. That's some awful customer service.

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That seems really weird... Both the customer support and the fact that the controller don't work. Mine worked without any problems. Never used a mouse or keyboard in game.

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Well it turns out my keyboard (an old saitek eclipse) was conflicting with it. The game can't discern between the two. Unplug my keyboard and voila.

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Driver issues, and known issues with the wireless hub for the controller were most likely the real issue there. A big reason why I use a WIRED controller instead, solves so much of these headaches if you really appreciate using a controller with a decent amount of PC titles. The Wireless hub itself is known to be a piece of junk, hence why it's discontinued and they haven't sold it in years. Something to do with it burning through more power than it should, and burning itself out within short work (and I guess they never bothered to just fix it and keep selling it... low demand? at the time definitely)

There IS actually some 'new' drivers for the 360pad on windows... they aren't super new BUT they actually are newer than any drivers windows finds itself through windows update sometimes, and definitely newer than drivers that were provided by a disc or whatever. With the newest drivers when you hit the home button it actually pulls up a dialog, where as drivers I had before (and actually worked perfectly) did nothing with that button. I assume this can possibly help in funky situations like the OP where drivers of your other devices may conflict. I'll check my history and see if I can dig up the drivers, so in case you wanna try them out you can.

So don't scoff and assume you do have the latest drivers just cause you trust windows update to grab them, it doesn't (or hadn't for me)

Xbox 360 Controller Support page (latest drivers) | http://www.microsoft.com/hardware/en-us/p/xbox-360-controller-for-windows#support

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A few things: I am fully aware of the driver situation that you refer to. I've been running on those drivers for months, possibly years now. They haven't been updated for quite some time. That wasn't the issue.

Second, I've been using the same wireless adapter for years(I've only ever purchased one). Yes, they require a bit more power, but the lesson there is to not use shitty motherboards, as was an issue for me when I first got the thing and it didn't work with the system I had at the time. That also, wasn't the issue.

The Issue, as I already said, was that the game saw my saitek eclipse keyboard(drivers make it appear as a USB Gaming Keyboard Pro) as an unsupported gamepad. Hence once unplugging that, everything works swimmingly. I didn't take a screen cap as I'm typing this on my laptop, but in the menus of the game, when the keyboard IS connected, I get two options for control method. "Keyboard" and "USB Gaming Keyboard Pro" the latter of which cannot be configured. I suspect that if I hook up my logitech G27 at the same time I'd get a similar issue. As I mentioned, my controller works perfectly in every other game that supports it. There are those random games that flat out do not support the wireless controller specifically, but that is not the focus of this discussion.

So, let it be known, that I know what I'm doing. I don't generally come to forums like this asking for help lightly, without attempting to do research and solve the problem on my own. The issue here is a poor job on Criterion's part with the QA of this game. The way it performs on high end machines and something as mundane as the game not working as long as a certain keyboard is plugged in I think is testament to that.

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Didn't mean to offend. I like seeing your final solution.

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