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The town is divided into six main areas, most with subareas such as people's houses and workshops.
 The primary locations are:  

 Jibral's Residential Area
The Residential area, containing Kluke's Clinic, Sahlia's House, the Barber Shop and Shu and Fushira's house.   Kluke's Clinic shuts down while she is off adventuring with the main character.  The same goes for Fushira's smithy.  The main character can change their hairstyle at the Barber shop
 Jibral's Central Square
Jibral's Central Square contains the town's primary shop, selling weapons, armor and items.  It is also home to Yasoto's Forge, which functions as the game's crafting system and is used to combine items.  The Cube Laboratory is where the player teleports to from certain save cubes in dungeons but is a one way trip.  This area also serves as the meeting place for multiplayer sessions.
New Jibral Castle Town Garden
Jibral's Garden serves as a thoroughfare between the Residential District and Central Square.  
The Station serves as the launching pad for the Mechat, allowing you to travel between cubes.
Neo Jibral Castle King's Chambers
The castle is divided into three sections, the Entrance, the Court and the King's Chambers where King Jibral and Zola are often found.  The player has a room in the Court section where he/she can rest and save.

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