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Neo Turf Masters is a golf simulation game released in 1996 for the Neo Geo. Known as Big Tournament Golf in Japan, the game was developed by Nazca and published by SNK Playmore. This was the first of two titles that Nazca developed before being acquired by SNK Playmore in 1996 (discounting titles developed while they were still a part of Irem).

The game was released on a variety of other systems after its initial release on the Neo Geo, including arcade, Neo Geo Pocket Color (in 1999), and the Virtual Console (in 2008). Neo Turf Masters was released for both MVS and AES Neo Geo systems, as well as the Neo Geo CD. Neo Turf Masters was also included in SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1.


The game's six available golfers.
The game's six available golfers.

As far as golf simulation games go, Neo Turf Masters is fairly similar to the traditional offering. The player has four different courses to play on, located in a few international locations: Germany, Japan, USA, and Australia. Each course has 18 holes, naturally, totaling 72 holes of golf. In the arcade version of the game, one coin yields three holes, but successful play is rewarded with more holes, while poor performance results in a reduction of the holes left.

The player has control over aiming the golfer, adjusting for wind, and then teeing off. Each swing also has a power meter, traditionally found in golfing games, which controls the arc of the swing and the power behind it.


Each of the game's six playable golfers are given a title and a nationality.

  • George Spinner (American, "Young Hero")
  • Thomas Stewart (British, "Technician")
  • Frank Adams (Australian, "Veteran")
  • Robert Landolt (German, "Shot Maker")
  • Fernand Almeida (Brazilian, "Power Golfer")
  • Toyoshiege Takeno (Japanese, "Putt Master")

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