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Electric Net gun in Tabula Rasa
Electric Net gun in Tabula Rasa
The Net Gun is a weapon that is made to catch things such as living people and animals. They are often single shot and use compressed gas as a propellant instead of gun powder. These weapons are most of the time non lethal, they can be used by hunters or even the police to catch criminals. If the weapon is lethal, the net can be filled with blades or other deadly piece of weaponry.
While most net guns are solid    , some others can launch energetic nets these nets are always lethal but their wide zone makes them hard to avoid since they form a sort of wide circle.

Aliens Versus Predator 2

AVP 2 Predator Netgun
AVP 2 Predator Netgun
In AVP 2 the predator's net launcher  is the only non-lethal weapon in the predator's arsenal.  While in single player, it has no weakness, but in multiplayer, a marine can use a knife to get of the net.

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