Is anyone else excited to finally play as an immortal character?

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So this game is coming out soon, and it's popped up on the main page again, so I'm responding to a 7 month old thread:) I'm just saying I wouldn't get your hopes up about the immortality thing. It could be cool - just look at Wario Land 2/3 or Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy (it's not a new mechanic). Immortality usually means shifting a focus from action to puzzle solving, usually at the expense at the main character (like, say, lighting Wario or the Mummy on fire to destroy and go through a wooden gate). I know Neverdead features SOME puzzle elements, like rolling his head through small passages, or throwing his arms across gaps to activate levers, but the thing could still fall apart. For one, Konami is working with Rebellion - a studio whose made far more bad games than good. Even their good games are only solid, so Neverdead never has a chance to usurp something like Vanquish as "Best Third Person Shooter Ever". Secondly, the game is a big escort mission. I don't think you'll be able to enjoy the immortality when you have a dumb partner character constantly at risk of getting killed and causing a "Game Over". We'll see though.

It's nice to see someone try to bring fresh ideas to third person shooters, that's for sure. Those stupid military FPS' could use a shot of creativity.

But whatever. I'm just talking to myself most likely. 7 month old thread....what am I doing!? I should probably go to sleep. Not sleeping means I end up replying to stuff like this. ;)

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He's... immortal?! Hmm, that's interesting.

Immortal... like this thread.

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I heard from some podcast that an enemy could eat your head and it would be game over.

1) some enemies can consume you. If they eat your head, you're stuck in that body for eternity

2) Missions will have people, mortals, who can die and if they do, that will cause a 'game over'.

I hate missions that depends on other people that can die.

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Obviously you will be able to die somehow, the immortal thing is just a gimmick that allows you to lose limbs and use them as weapons.

And if the playable character can't die then that would mean that somebody else probably can and then you get a game over, so the game probably turns into an escort mission for the most of the game.

EDIT: @Eaxis: Darn it! You posted pretty much what I said just before me! A pox on you! *uuuhhuhuhuhuhh!* /scary-ghost-sounds

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Not really excited since for the actually game-play and combat can seem like its not all that solid could go either way, be nice one to watch out for.

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So the real question here is if Brad does the QL for NeverDead...could HE die? Of all people, I'd have to think that if anybody had the skill to make an immortal demon hunter who can't die because he is immortal'd be Brad.

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