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Neverwinter make's me never want to play it 0

The game Start's off just fine but takes a nose dive fast with poor quest design, pvp balancing issues, poor dungeon design and a horrendous crafting system that serves no purpose other then to say the game has one.The game's action based combat seems nice at times No tab targeting as seen in most MMO's in combat you can roll out of the way of a enemy's attack all of the enemy's attack are represented by a red cone on the ground.Questing is run of the mill dungeon's are not much fun the game's d...

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Not perfect, but pretty damn impressive for F2P. 0

Neverwinter is sort of a paradox. It's a Dungeons and Dragons MMO for people who don't really care about Dungeons and Dragons. Now don't get me wrong, this has a lot of D&D elements to warrant the name. Familiar areas, monsters, and references will remind even the most casual of D&D players that they are, in fact, playing a D&D game. However, you could have easily called this game "FANTASY ACTION MMO #314" and it would have been just as fitting. None of the usual D&D rules apply....

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Great MMO 0

When I first started this game I was very sceptical having invested a lot of hours in simular games and in the end finding out that with out spending cash you cannot play this so called free game.So I started an when I reached level 40 thought well this is when they will start wanting cash, but I have now maxed my level (60) and have great equipment an fantastic ride and 6 Companions all without spending one cent.If you are tired of the flash games that takes you a hour tops and then you are don...

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great game 1

Im level 21 and have to say I just started playing MMO's with wow then tried this and guild 2 this is the most fun of them all. It has tons to keep u busy and only have to spend if want, could really play for free for ever. I believe if I like a game then ill support it so I bought the 200 foundry pack but that was after I played a character wizard build to level 8 or so. Then decided to go all in and have not been disappointed....

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