Does knowing a piece of info ruin the experience?

#1 Posted by dpedal1 (204 posts) -

For those who have played this and enjoyed it

I know that Nier sacrifices himself but this game is only 15 bucks right now and I am really interested in the cult following it has garnered. Does knowing that tidbit of info ruin the experience?

#2 Posted by Dagbiker (7022 posts) -

Personally, I think there is a lot more to this game then just that. I bought it for 25$ and it was well worth it. I would defiantly recommend it for 15$.

#3 Posted by IrrelevantJohn (1156 posts) -

not really. There are more things to experience then just that one (probably predictable) piece of info.

#4 Posted by BulletproofMonk (2734 posts) -

No. Play the game. And then play it again.

#5 Edited by Outrack (20 posts) -

Don't worry OP, the game has multiple endings and what's mentioned only occurs in one of them. Hope you enjoy it.

#6 Posted by EXTomar (5038 posts) -

Neir is one of those games that is so exotic that it demands to be played even if you know all of the endings.

#7 Posted by Sterling (3373 posts) -

You also have to experience the fishing and farming. That is worth $15 alone.

#8 Posted by BlackLagoon (1768 posts) -

Practically half the cast heroically sacrifice themselves:P during every boss battle anyway, so that info is just slightly more spoilery than knowing that Nier hits things with his sword.

#9 Posted by Demoskinos (16427 posts) -

To borrow a entirely cliched phrase.... Its not the destination its the journey that matters.

#10 Posted by Karkarov (3387 posts) -

Yeah it has multiple endings and lots of things going on, knowing that one bit of info that is only going to happen in one ending is not a concern. Buy the game.

#11 Posted by jozzy (2053 posts) -

Get it! One of my favs of all tome (see avatar)

#12 Posted by Morrow (1870 posts) -

@dpedal1: Doesn't matter, that's not the key element. Play it, and play all endings (there are four, although the last one isn't mandatory), you will love the experience.

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