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I originally put off buying Ninja Gaiden II due to various reviews. But after finally deciding to buy it, I was very surprised to find out how great this game actually is. One thing that turned me off to Ninja Gaiden Black was the difficulty.  That game frustrated me way too much.  I expected Ninja Gaiden II to be the same.  For the most part it is, but by having more "possible" boss fights and more frequent save points, it really makes the game less frustrating.  Gameplay is nearly perfect. The only problem I experienced was occasional camera issues, but its tolerable. Graphics was one of the issues many other reviewers had with the game. I don't really see why. Now I know its not on the same level as Gears Of War and Metal Gear Solid 4, but the graphics still are absolutely beautiful. (aside from maybe 1 or 2 chapters) Overall, Ninja Gaiden 2 is an exceptional action game and is a great challenge, which is what many of today's games are missing.


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