Crazy Headline Incoming: eShop Finally Getting Demos

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#51 Posted by Cozmicaztaway (277 posts) -

Yes, Nintendo's back in full force! Hopefully this can get the train rolling again!

On another, more serious note, was expecting this to be covered by Jeff but end up getting Patrick writing with Alex levels of snark, and that was pretty damn great!

#52 Edited by DecadentPimp (19 posts) -

Hopefully Nintendo won't shy away from putting out demos for their biggest games such as Super Mario 3D Land. I hate it when companies decide to play it safe by showing as little as possible of their strongest titles, despite practically guaranteed success regardless of demo impressions.

#53 Posted by MeatSim (11010 posts) -

Now they need to start releasing full text descriptions again for all their eShop games so the NDX can come back.

#54 Posted by Still_A_Sin (22 posts) -


#55 Posted by Spike_UK (6 posts) -

They need more compelling content besides demos. Where are the next wave of Bit Generation games?

#56 Posted by Rawson (143 posts) -

Wait. Having your eShop able to be browsed on the web is a "down-the-road" plan?

It's alright, Nintendo. We'll wait. Maybe by 2014 we can ditch friend codes, too.

#57 Posted by TheMurray (6 posts) -

I'd like to be able to buy just enough to points to actually afford *just* the game I want. So annoying, though I guess there plenty of other companies that do this crap too...

#58 Posted by mariokart64fan (422 posts) -

who said 3ds would flop again, gets a firestick out, who was it , ya i bet he siting back in his office somewhere now that 3ds has officially out sold ds 1 in the same time period,

and this just adds fuel to an already burning pitch fire,

not like demos were needed , the 3ds is getting good games and thats what was needed, the price drop was also a good thing ,

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