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Overgrowth is an upcoming indie game being developed by Wolfire Games, the same company that developed Lugaru for PC and Black Shades for iPhone. The game features a melee combat system and a completely custom-built engine designed to be incredibly moddable. Unlike many AAA titles, the developer blog and ModDB page are constantly updated, showing off new features in their engine and game.
The game takes place in a world called Lugaru, where beasts and animals control the societies rather than humans. (Humans are not likely to be in the game.) The game will feature 3D platforming and a melee combat system, similar to that of Wolfire's other game, Lugaru. The game will feature dogs, cats, rabbits, rats and wolves as NPCs, and a huge whale-like man as a boss.

Phoenix Engine


Not many details about Overgrowth itself have been released, as the company is mainly focusing on development of their custom engine. Details about the engine are being released to the public via the Wolfire Games blog as they are added to the engine.


  • Advanced ragdoll physics.
  • Designed for modders.
  • Extremely high resolution textures. (2048x2048)
  • Realistic lighting effects.
  • Advanced landscape modelling tool.
  • Dynamic decal placement.

Public Alpha

A public alpha version of the toolset is released every week to people who have pre-ordered the game. Nothing can actually be done with the toolset yet, and until an alpha or beta release of the game is available nothing will be possible. The weekly alpha allows people to play with the features of the Phoenix Engine, such as the ragdoll physics, the landscaping or the advanced lighting.


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