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Overlord was a unique blend of Pikmin and Fable. 0

Overall, Overlord was a fun game.  I liked how they mixed elements of Pikmin with elements of Fable.  The puzzles were fun, I loved exploring.  The combat was fun.  The game was just a blast to play through, but there was alot of non-gameplay related things I hated about it.  I WISH the storyline was good, but it was down right awful.  There wasn't enough humor and the voice acting is some of the worst I've heard in a long time.  If you can look past those flaws, this is still a pretty damn fun ...

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Delicious Take on Evil 0

First, the GoodThe story was truly epic towards the end, and the presentation of the fantasy was excellent throughout!  I loved being the worst evil villain in the world where everything about me was evil except for my deeds.  I thought I was playing the game brokenly by doing this or maybe the whole evil motif was some tongue in cheek British humour, but all that happened in the game’s fiction eventually came together in a way that was fluidly compatible with the choices that I made.  Oh, and a...

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If smashing crates and boxes is your thing, this is your game. 0

When I first laid eyes on screen shots of Overlord nearly a year ago, I knew I wanted the game. I must admit that I am a complete sucker for nice environments and worlds and the pictures I saw of Overlord resembled Fable a great deal so I knew I'd have to get it.Now it's out and I have finally played and completed it. While it wasn't everything I had hoped it would be, it at least has a bit of appeal which might keep you interested for a while, if you can get over all its constant quirks and bug...

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