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Caridin created a tool to forge golems, called The Anvil of the Void, to defend Orzammar and in particular aid in the Dwarven effforts against The Blight. While The Anvil was a powerful tool it could not create life, the forging of golems required living souls; at first all of the golems were willing volunteers, but the king became greedy for more of these invincible warriors and began to force criminals and casteless to become golems. When Caridin opposed the king he himself was made into a golem, however Caridin's apprentices did not have his skill and could not create a control rod for the paragon golem.
Caridin set up traps in the Deep Roads to prevent anyone from ever reaching The Anvil of the Void, and personally defended it to prevent anyone from ever using it again. Orzammar's newest paragon, Branka, was believed to have been lost in the Deep Roads on expedition to find The Anvil. During the events of Dragon Age: Origins The Warden finds Branka and reaches The Anvil of the Void; The Warden must choose between destroying The Anvil of the Void or assisting Branka in reclaiming The Anvil (to do so Caridin must be defeated) and gaining her support in resolving the power struggle in Orzammar and thereby gaining Dwarven aid against The Blight.

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