PAX Prime 2013 Badges are Sold Out (in 6 hours)

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@hailinel: I was on a lunch break when they went on sale, but I can't keep my phone on my desk at work, so I couldn't keep watching the queue. It all worked out in the end (aside from paying the extra $25 for separate badges, which I'm not worried about).

Just for the record, I would be much more in favor of a newer, bigger convention center in Seattle than moving out of the city.

Here's to PAX Prime 2014 in San AngeleVegas!

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This would have been my first PAX, but that's what I get for not being vigilant.

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@big_jon: Do you work someone that you can't have a notification on your phone go off, and take your break shortly after to snag up passes? My friends were working, in class, and on their way to class when stuff went off and were still able to do it, and passes lasted long enough that between breaks and all that you should have been able to be on top of it assuming you weren't relying on "I'll hear about it when I hear about it." Because after last year, it was pretty clear that wouldn't work unfortunately.

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Someone on the PA forums put up an interesting Google Doc showing the sellout dates for each PAX since 2009. The first PAX I went to was in 2010 and took almost five months to sell out. This year's PAX East took a few days shy of that, 143 days. This year's PAX Prime: 6 hours.

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Oh my God... I took my eyes off it for one day... One Day! Six Hours!? Four Months!!

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Well between the fast sell out and working for a casino looks like I will be spending my Labor Day weekend working over time and playing Saints Row 4. PAX is normally the highlight of my year but o well there is always next year

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