The Payday 2 Stealth Heists thread.

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For this thread well share our thoughts on missions we've passed stealthy. Everybody can give advice, share your annoyances, and missions that you can't seem to pass smoothly.

I'll list some mission I've passed stealthy and share my tactics.

( Success) Jewelry Store - For this mission I was with a group and we all had mics. I had one guy positioned outside to keep bystanders at bay. While me and the other guy took care of the security guards outside. Since I had the intimidate perk I made them cuff themselves. Afterwards me and my partner rushed inside got the people down to the floor, and I killed the last security guard in the building. Since I had one guy outside he stop anybody from noticing the robbery. Then it was smooth sailing I got all the jewelry and everything went as planned.

(Success) Framing the Frame - Doing this mission by myself was easy. Since I had the intimidate perk and being convincing perk. All I did was sneak into the back bathroom. Took my time to disable any cameras I've seen, wait for a guard to come to check the camera, then I'll make him cuff himself. If a guard doesn't listen to me I'll kill em, and since I got the convincing perk I can answer his pager without being too suspicious. After I took care all the guards and cameras getting the paintings was a breeze, and when day 3 came I basically did the samething as I did on day 1.

I will list more heists I've done stealthy and talk about the heist I've failed later on. As of now I'll let you guys post your experiences. You can share your thoughts, or just name a heist you've passed with stealth.

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Don't wanna be a dick but, by "sense" i think you mean "since".

This game looks interesting but I don't think I want to play it unless I cna get 3 of my friends to get it.

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@rawknro11a said:

Don't wanna be a dick but, by "sense" i think you mean "since".

This game looks interesting but I don't think I want to play it unless I cna get 3 of my friends to get it.

It's all good thanks for correcting me, but payday 2 is a fun game its worth checking out.

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I guess the thing thats got me worried is that the only friends that I would have a chance of convincing are on 360, and we all know how random matchmaking is on that system. That, and the fact that EVERYONE seems to complain about how terrible the A.I. is has me waiting a bit.

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How do you stop people from entering the store when standing outside? Is that a perk you can get?

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@rawknro11a: AI is pretty bad, but I was randomly matching up with some people on 360 and (up until yesterday) got into plenty of competent matches. Granted only half the people in each game had mics, but they were smart enough to handle things and work together without communication. I say until yesterday because I did three randoms yesterday and we failed all of them. I witnessed people running and gunning, leaving the group behind, using ECM jammers on places that needed the Buzzsaw, and more. It was a sad day for sure. There are certain missions like the OP mentions that can be done solo and are actually a little easier solo. I can vouch for the Mallcrasher one being pretty easy (as long as you have the gas cans you buy in the Assets menu).

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(Failure and Success) Big Oil - Trying to get in the house while being sneaky is hard. There's alot of things to consider like the guards, cameras, and random traps that's around the house. If you get spotted the guards will destroy intel that can help you on the second mission, but if your quick enough you can kill them before they destroy it. Now on the second mission your really better off using stealth. Otherwise this mission will get you pissed off. Anyway I took my time going in the mansion taking out guards and cameras, afterwards I broke in the lab and figured out the correct engine to take with me. Now if I've picked the wrong engine I would have been fucked. Because Big Oil has the toughest wave of cops I've came across in the game so far, and you'll find yourself getting overwhelmed, but anyway the last day mission was successful.

(Failure) Bank Heist - I don't know what went wrong with this mission. I was playing by myself and came up with a plan. I killed the civilians on the street and hid their bodies, because I didn't want nobody from outside to notice the robbery. I took out the cameras and intimidated the guards outside. Then I went inside and waited for the last security guard to show up. I killed him took his body and threw it in a dumpster. Then I got my ECM jammer placed it on the wall, and I raced to kill the people that was next to the panic button, and takeout the rest of the cameras in the building. Afterwards everything was going smoothly I had the crowd under control, and had the drill running. I thought nothing could go wrong until I forgot to kill a civilian that was outside. He saw what happened and called the cops, then I got pissed off and turned off my ps3.

@andorski If you have your mask on you can stop any civilian, but if they come inside the store it will probably be easier. Sense you have to hold the robbery in the building.

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I have yet to stealth an entire mission. I bet it's satisfying.

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(Failure) Firestarter - This mission can be tricky in a difficult way. Somehow I'm suppose to go into this airplane hanger and steal some weapons. Problem is the place is surrounded by thugs, and if a thug spot you they'll shoot automatically. You can't scare a thug so your intimidate perk is useless they're too gangsta. Anyway for this mission I tried killing them one by one and hide their bodies. Sense thugs don't have pagers there's no need to worry about answering an operator, but for some reason I can't find a way to sneak into the hanger without being spotted. It's just too many thugs in front of the hanger for me to try to sneak in. As for the second day mission where you have to go into the police station. I have trouble trying to be stealthy for long. There's cameras everywhere and police officers moving all over the fucking place.

(Failure) Mallcrashers - I don't know how anybody can use stealth for this mission. Since the main go is to shoot everything to hell, I just don't even know where to begin. People are bound to hear the gunfire, and I still don't know how to go about pulling this mission off smoothly.

@spraynardtatum Indeed it is satisfying, it got me experimenting with different stealth tactics.

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