20 pin PSU connector plugged into 24 pin motherboard port?

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Hey all,

I do some computer side jobs and came across a weird issue looking at a refurb HP desktop that belonged to a friend's parents. As the title would suggest, the motherboard was made for a 24 pin power supply connection yet the PSU that was in there was a 20 pin. leaving the top 4 pins with nothing in them. More surprising to me was that this computer has run this way for about 5-6 years now. Still running and rocking Windows Vista in all it's...em...glory?

Anyone else ever see something like this?

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Those remaining four pins are largely redundant, most likely there in case of a video card that needed some extra power. I think it's flexibility for OEM's that want to use as few parts as possible, so sometimes you will end up with an aux power connector that isn't used or some extra connectors from the PSU.


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