Gaming headsets on a budget

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Hey duders. Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for gaming headsets in the $40 or less range. I recently posted a video review (here) of a few of my own, but as I explain in the video I need a new one! And while I wish I could spend 75-100, that's not a possibility. So anyone have great headsets they'd recommend?

Oh, and I'm not too concerned about being able to use it on consoles at this point. I'll cross that bridge if I come to it.

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Is there any reason to use a headset instead of a microphone and headphones on a PC?

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@ezekiel: My reason would be that I like to have the mic closer to my mouth. Currently I have a mic on my desk and I feel like if I'm using that with my headphones my friends can hear me clicking at my keyboard and mouse too well and it just picks up a lot more ambient noise. Is that what you mean?

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