Hey, I Just Met You, And This Is Crazy (Or, Help With My Build)

#1 Posted by crimsinf (149 posts) -

I'll apologize at the start for the terrible title. I was introduced to PC gaming over the summer during the Steam sale and it turns out that my five-year-old laptop can't run much in the way of games. So now I'm building a computer of my own, but I feel like I'm already in over my head. I'm looking to be able to play anything coming out in the near future at or near the highest settings. Seeing as you're all infinitely more knowledgeable about this stuff than me, I'm looking for some insight as to how this build is. Anything that could be better? Did I go overkill on anything? Would this thing even turn on if I built it?

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Looks like a great build, I think you could go with a 650W PSU as the Geforce 6xx series is much less power hungry, but I doubt it saves you much and you get future proofing.

#3 Posted by IrrelevantJohn (1105 posts) -

This build is perfect. I agree with mosdl about the power supply but you might be only saving $10 if you do.

Tip: PCI-E 3.0 only works with Ivy Bridge so you might want to consider that if you want to future-proof yourself.

#4 Posted by opp (39 posts) -

Good as far as i can tell. Though make sure that your PSU is modular, as it will save you having to fiddle with tons of cables you don't want nor need.

#5 Posted by bigsmoke77 (791 posts) -

@CCforUA: If you can stomach the extra 40 bucks I would recommend the Intel Core i5-3570. Its the next generation version of the i5-2500K and worth the upgrade. You could find some money need be from the hard-drive, I have a 2TB but kinda find it over kill unless you going to have a crap load of videos on the drive.

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