Introducing: The Steam Select-o-Tron

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During the summer my friends and I spent many a night gaming, but a major roadblock was usually deciding what game to play. We wondered if there was a way to show all the multiplayer games that people had in common, or even pick one randomly from them. After a quick google search, we decided that the best course of action was to just make it ourselves, and Steam Select-o-Tron was born. It exists to solve the problem: what multiplayer game should I play with my friends.

You can go to right now to test it out.

At the moment, here is the feature list:

  • Search up to 8 users.
  • Filters results based on the game's max players.
  • Easily add friends by clicking the radio button next to the user.
  • Click the “Pick for Me!” button to select a random game.
  • Press the power symbol next to each game to launch that game without having to go into Steam.

We had some internal testers send feedback, but now we’re ready for more people to have a look. We’d love to see what you guys have to think!

Mostly we are looking for feedback regarding:

  • Missing Games
  • Glitches
  • Loading Speed

Also if you have time, answering these questions would help us a lot:

  • Is anything making this site hard to use? If so, what?
  • What other features would you like to see in the future?

Again, thanks for taking a look. You can either send us feedback at or just post it right here. We hope that Steam Select-o-Tron will be helpful in your future multiplayer gaming outings!

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This is actually really cool. Thankyou for all your time and effort.

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That's something I have been wanting Steam to have built into it for a long time as every time a friend and I try to pick something to play we always have to sit there and try to figure out what each other has. Sadly none of these things work for my friends account as for some mysterious reason it never links to his page. It always says that it doesn't exist. Maybe I missed it, but a way to sort by what they currently have installed and rather what's just on the account would make it really useful.

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