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hello everyone! i'm looking for a new laptop, currently i'm a bit of a casual gamer, i enjoy playing guild wars, lol sometimes, aion, but i'm always downloading new games to try out. i use adobe photoshop and usually have a lot of applications going on. i love the sleek look of the mac, but my price range is 1200, (willing to go up to 1500 w/ taxes and shipping) and i feel like i can just be getting a lot more when i look at my other options. other than that i'm open to just about all suggestions, and feel free to suggest bulkier options if it seems more worth it.

Thank you! (:

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I might not spend that much on a computer let alone a laptop. What I might recommend is building a desktop because you'll get way more value out of a $800 desktop than a $1200 laptop and then if you need a laptop for trips or something buying a cheaper one for basic tasks like word processing and browsing the internet.

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thanks for the suggestion, but i just feel as if i'm not capable enough to assemble it myself, and i have no idea where to start with actually picking out the hardware, i don't know if a motherboard is good or not, whether or not a graphics card is good, and i know that when i travel, it's for long periods of time

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