Small problem with my multi monitor set up

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Hey folks I am currently running two AMD Radeon 6870s and need to swap between just having two monitors and running three at the same time.

Currently I have two monitors in my study and need to use the TV in the lounge to play when I am "watching" the baby. As I am not the owner of the house I am unable to simply install a couple of HDMI panels into the walls, so I have to run a cable between the two rooms. This isn't really much of a problem except that I can't leave it there all the time because it's a pretty gnarly trip hazard (you don't want to trip when you're holding a baby).

The way my monitors are set up I have my main display cloned onto the TV and the secondary display set to the right of my main display. The issue is every time I unplug/plug in the HDMI to the TV it swaps my secondary display to the left hand side and I can't figure out how to lock it so it can't move. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can stop this from happening?

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I'm kind of confuse on what you need. So you have a computer in your study that has two monitors. Right? But every time you disconnect it an then re plug it the screen that is suppose to be on the right is on the left?

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I have three monitors, one HDTV in my lounge which is a clone of the main monitor in my study, I also have a second monitor which is an extension of my main monitor. Every time I unplug or plug in the HDTV the extended monitor defaults to being on the left of my main monitor but I need it on the right.

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Dude, just get some tape, and tape it along the corner where the wall meets the floor. Or get some of those no-damage adhesive hooks, put a few along the bottom trim, run the wires through that, and make sure it's taught and flush against the ground across walkways.

Or, if the monitors are the same and you don't mind, swap the cables around, it's probably just based on that. I dunno, my PC is down for the count so I can't be sure. Windows Key+P in the meantime should help you fix the problem when it happens quickly, until you can find a permanent solution.

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What if you clone the secondary, what happens then?

Or what if you made the secondary your primary and put it on the left, does it still swap them around? As in, leave it in the order that it automatically puts them in, and try to work with that instead of moving them back.

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@MordeaniisChaos: Unfortunately that would require a cable significantly longer than I have to keep it in the corners.

@Hamst3r: My secondary is garbage that is why it is my secondary, I use it for stuff like hypershade in maya or the generic browser in UDK.

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i dunno man it seems like its a default monitor layout issue , dunno how it works for ati .. with nvidia it happens in a different way when i switch from 3 monitor surround to single screens etc.. over time i found it just prefers certain displays in certain spots so ive just connected them that way , it defaults to how i like it , with 2nd on left , 1st in the middle , and 3rd on the right ..

stupid multi display randomness

also @quirkwood: i just noticed your user pic, me and a buddy totally bought some of that beer one new years eve or something , had a laugh but it was pretty fucking shit beer .. and depending on the state of condensation on the label , you end up tearing the label trying to "rub off" the bikini hehe

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I dunno if your problem can be solved or lessened through software but is a nice piece of software for managing multi-monitor set-ups.

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@MordeaniisChaos: I already have a 10m (~30ft) cable. Unfortunately I live in Australia and the that cable (which was the cheapest I could find) cost me $80.00 shit is expensive here. Thanks though.

@CaLe: Thanks for the info matey I'll have a look into that.

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