SteelSeries Engine Problem.

#1 Posted by AlisterCat (6095 posts) -

I love my new Diablo 3 mouse, but I cant get the software to install properly. I have filed a support ticket, but I thought I would post here to see if anyone can help me.

I just received my Diablo 3 mouse.
I followed the installation instructions, and downloaded the steel series engine and driver fixer from the website. After installing the SteelSeries engine it tries to launch and says "SteelSeries Engine Has Stopped Working". It has never successfully started. I can use the mouse without the software, and the driver installs correctly, but I cannot access the software.
when the mouse is plugged in, I try and launch the software, get the error message, then the mouse no longer responds. Neither does my original mouse.
I have tried the following:
  • Running Setup as administrator
  • Running software as administrator
  • Running setup and software in compatibility mode
  • Uninstalling software and drivers, rebooting and installing again.
  • Installing the software without the drivers
Nothing works.

So, any ideas?

#2 Posted by mosdl (3387 posts) -

What OS?

#3 Posted by AlisterCat (6095 posts) -

@mosdl: Windows 7 64-bit. Says it is fully supported. I installed it on my family computer just to check and works fine there.

#4 Posted by mosdl (3387 posts) -

I assume you tried running as admin?

#5 Posted by AlisterCat (6095 posts) -

@mosdl: Yep, it's in my first post. I installed it on the family computer, same OS, and it works perfectly. Must be something conflicting.

#6 Posted by mosdl (3387 posts) -


Try comparing versions of Microsoft .NET Framework, might be the issue.

#7 Posted by AlisterCat (6095 posts) -

@mosdl: completely removed the .net framework. No change.

#8 Posted by mosdl (3387 posts) -

@AlisterCat: It probably needs it, I would unsintall .net and the software from steelseries, reboot and reinstall.

#9 Posted by mosdl (3387 posts) -

@mosdl: seems to be the issue

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