Who uses Dualshock 4 on PC? I need help!

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I'm trying to use the DS4 to XInput Wrapper that lets you use your Dualshock 4 on the PC, but every time I load that program with a controller connected it freezes my computer. I've already searched the Internet for answers, and the few solutions people have posted have not worked for me. I'm hoping you duders could help.

I've uninstalled MotionInJoy, so there shouldn't be any conflict.

When I open the program with Device Manager in a window, another device pops up with a yellow exclamation sign, and then the computer freezes.

The program does not freeze when the DS4 isn't plugged in. Only when I plug it in and search for a device does it freeze on me.

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I was under the impression that PS4 controllers were not compatible with PC yet

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EDIT: I found out the solution. Turns out, the 360 Controller drivers weren't installed on my computer, which is weird because they certainly were in the past.

Ah well. You can lock this down now, mods.

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Wait, why do you even need that? My DS4 is recognized as a generic game controller by windows. All the buttons and sticks work fine, but there is no rumble or touchpad support. It works on emulators and games that support generic controllers, for everything else you could just use xpadder or something similar. I still use the 360 controller because it's natively supported (button prompts and such) and the rumble works, but there's no reason you couldn't use the ds4 without too much monkeying around.

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DS4Tool makes your PC think the DS4 is a Xbox 360 controller, so thats probably why. Best solution so far with little to none input lag.

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@ll_exile_ll: If OP is using the same DS4 wrapper that I've read about, you need 360 controller drivers for the controller to translate its DirectInput to XInput. I don't think XInput is natively recognized on Windows 7/8.

@xalienxgreyx: No official drivers, but people have made programs that "tricks" the PC into thinking that the DS4 is an Xbox 360 controller (and I believe the latest update even adds touchpad support).

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Using the DS4Tool and anyone lag issues with games? I followed the steps perfectly and it works but everyone once and a while buttons won't work, buttons with have a continuous effect, stuff like that.

Example is I booted up Super Meat Boy and every few deaths or so Meat Boy would be locked in a sprint, or not move at all, wouldn't jump, etc.

Anyone else have similar issues?

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