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The games concept was designed around the 4 floating regions, and the centerpiece that keeps them together. The player has to restore relations between the four, and end the ongoing war with the planets surface.

The Surface

The surface of the planet was once inhabited by a kind and fair race of people, until one man who set out on wrongdoings and mischief began to corrupt the government from the inside, believing that they were already corrupt and needed purging with a fresh start and new beginning. Fearful for their safety, the last of the villagers were gathered to four locations on the surface with all the elders and mages.

The Islands

The elders used as many runes and spells as they could to create one large structure that had the power to lift the 4 regions from the planets surface, and keep them suspended in the atmosphere indefinitely. The islands consist of 4 different biomes from the planets surface. Tundra, Desert, Plains, and Forsaken.

The Aftermath

Although most of the population of the surface left the planet on the islands, for some of them it was too late, they either died or joined forces with [nameplaceholder]. The runes and magical essence of the ones who joined forces began to be corrupted with demonic essence, making the spells stronger and more deadly. They used the new essence to build cannons and weapons, to fire demonic projectiles at the floating islands whenever they floated into view, until the whole planet's surface was covered with them. The rest of the magic was used to build and army out of unforgiven souls and demonic energy, bound with anything they could find.

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