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A good bunch of ideas

The Zone Reviews : Perfect Dark Zero.

ok, a little words from your reviewer. All my reviews as stated in my blog are on fully played games, so you can be sure all my opinions have fundamentals, and also I review games for the game itself, not taking into account if its a sequel or not, so new gamers to a franchise can play them in full experience, so dont be surprised if I give high scores to sequels that do not improve lots on the series, enough said lets get it on.

The comment.

Perfect Dark, a launch title on Xbox 360, was promoted as the first big game on the console, showing some of the power of the console, with a medium campaign and a great multiplayer the game didn't failed to deliver a great experience on the 360.


Perfect Dark is a FPS shooter from rareware, it's like your basic shooter but with really interesting additions, first of, almost every weapon has an alternate fire, and this plays an interesting role in strategy, because most guns have very different alternate fire, so you can deploy some as turrets, fire guided rockets, use a grenade launcher, turn invisible, jam enemy radars, use x ray vision all this just in the weapons, you have a pretty complete arsenal, with all the options you may need in the game,also you can melee, others implementations are, the use of a dodge button, basically you press the LB and do a roll to the side you are tilting the left stick, you are also able to take cover on some walls, pressing just the triggers to pop out and shoot, in some parts of the campaign and in some maps on them ultiplayer you are able to control some vehicles a kind of jet pack and an overcraft, the control on this two is not great, but at least it doesnt suck, you also use soe other gadgets as binoculars, a demolition kit, and a gadget that opens locks.

The Good

+the dodge button and cover system works fine

+some alternate fire is really cool

The Bad

+sometimes is more effective to melee than shoot

+some weapons are unbalanced


The campaign in Perfect Dark Zero is not too short or too long, but it is not as good as you would hope, because it doesnt involve you and does bad narrating the story, and almost every character is bad developed, it has some action packed scenes, but nothing to be rememebered the characters feel a lot out of place, you will have cool moments like the sniper mission, but nothing that makes you say wow!!! lets do that again, a thumbs up for the campaign is that you are able to play it coop locally or via xbox live, so be ready to play as a team because believe me, you will need it, and as the games of old the secondary player is inserted by force

The Good

+some missions and objectives

+you can play co op

The Bad

+almost every missions will have you only getting from point A to point B

+character development


If I should give PDZ a Silver Star it has to be for his multiplayer, you get to choose many options and you have many game modes so lets start by describing them, ok you have two main game modes dark ops and deathmatch, each game modes has some variants lets start with some of the modes for deathmatch, killcount and team killcount are your classic deathmatch mode, capture the flag is self explanatory, in territories you have to take control of marked zones in the map, ok so in this game modes you can always respawn and play with a determined set of weapons, now lets explain the dark ops variants,

ERADICATION is a survival mode, the last standing team wins the round, ONSLAUGHT, one team defends the base, the others attack, the defending team has only one live and can buy weapons, the other teams have unlimited spawns and simple weapons.

INFECTION there are two factions the minority who are infected (skeletons without armor and carry just a gun) and survivors (who are well armed) the objective here is that every infected player must kill every survivor but any survivor that get killed becomes an infected simple as that, survivors must remain alive as long as possible

SABOTAGE each team has its own base, and the objective here is destroy as much as you can the enemy base, its not to complicated

In Dark ops, you have credits, wich serve to buy weaons and equipment, you get credits, for winning, assisting or killing.

ok so this is all about the game modes, also I want to talk about the maps, most of them are pretty huge, and have many important spots, and different strategies you can appy, not every map is for snipers or for close range so figure this out depends on you, other good thins in PDZ multiplayer is the possibility to have 32 players in a single match, and also the option to add bots, each one with an independent difficulty setting

The Good

+many players humans or bots

+really cool game modes

The Bad

+some maps are just to big you will have to walk like 5 minutes to get to the battle

+its not bad but try defeating a bot in dark agent without cheap tactics


The Good

+the soundtrack of the game is pretty good

+the sound of the weapons is above average

+some textures look pretty amazing

The Bad

+characters look ike plastic action figures

+and they also move like action figures

+some thing need more detail and physics

closing comment

Nowadays is not the best experience, but I will assure you that if you are a FPS player you will have a nice time playing PDZ, and will notice many things that games of today lack, and alot things that need improvement

SCORE 2.5 of 5

I'd give Perfect Dark Zero 7.5 wich in my rating is not bad, because is kind of average (remember from 1 to 5 the average is 2.5) hope you like my review and if you do or dont, post in my blog your opinion

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