Games I Completed

Games I've played to the completion of the main storyline or to where I felt I'd experienced most of the game.

Since Giant Bomb doesn't have entries for Flash games or apps, here are the Flash games I've played to completion:

and iOS games that aren't on Giant Bomb:

and one HTML 5 game:

List items

Posted by xpxTomxqx

Nice list man, I enjoyed reading it!

Posted by hmmisee

Nice list dude!

Posted by TMThomsen

Nice work. I've got some work to do before my list reaches this level.

Posted by gonzab

Great list, looking for some lists of completed games so I can read about some less known games but most don't have commentaries like yours. Actually it's just the second list I've seen with a little overview of the game. Hope my list will sometime be this big.

Posted by Seraphim84

You're claiming to have beaten QWOP? LIES!

Posted by noahrc

I cheezed my way to the finish line in QWOP by basically doing the splits and slowly squeezing my legs to inch across the track. A pretty impressive human feat, in it's own way. The hurdle was still a huge pain, though. See if you can beat my jump of .0001 meters! (ok, I don't remember the exact number, that could be an exaggeration)

Posted by noisyturtle

Amazing you can remember all the games you beat. Did you just keep a list since you were a kid?

Posted by DoctorP3pa

Interesting list, I haven't heard of many games on that list. Is this list up to date, and does it include games you have completed recently?

Posted by hioh631

Good list.