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Medal of Honor: European Assault is a first-person shooter in the Medal of Honor series, developed by EA Los Angeles for the GameCube, PlayStation 2, and Xbox.

The game consists of 4 chapters, each comprising several missions. The chapters were based in the campaigns in northern France, North Africa, Russia (Stalingrad), and Belgium (the Battle of the Bulge) against the Nazis. The player takes control of William Holt, an American officer assigned with the British SAS. Holt commands his own squad (usually 3 men) and the player can give orders to these AI-controlled soldiers.

Officer Holt & squadmates

In each mission, the player can collect intel and complete bonus objectives in addition to the main objective. There are also mini-bosses, which can optionally be killed to fulfil a bonus objective. Completing certain actions, including headshots, melee kills, boss kills, bonus objectives, kill streaks, ect. fills the player's Adrenaline Meter. When the Adrenaline Meter is full, it can be activated to gain invincibility, unlimited ammo, and (with most guns) no reloading for a limited time.

The player's performance is rated at the end of a mission, based on the number of primary and bonus objectives fulfilled, the number of intel documents found, and the number of surviving squadmates. A bronze, silver, or gold medal will be earned, each granting a higher number of continues for the next mission, and each surviving squadmate earns the player an extra medkit.



  • Operation: Chariot
  • Raid On St. Nazaire
  • Lights Out In The Port City
  • Escape At Dawn

North Africa

  • Operation: Blindfold
  • Operation: V2 Silence


  • Road To Stalingrad
  • Climbing Mamayev Hill

Battle of the Bulge

  • Mission To Rocherath
  • Farmhouse Liberation
  • Operation: Virus House


The game does not support any online play on any platforms, but does feature local multiplayer with up to 4 players. To play with a full 4 players on the PS2 you had to have a multitap.

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