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The tool bar at the top allows players to do different actions with Graham.

Players control King Graham, the only member of the royal family of the kingdom of Daventry left behind when the evil wizard Mordack imprisoned the royal family and vanished the castle. Luckily, King Graham meets the only eye-witness - Cedric the Owl. Cedric takes the player to his master, the wizard Crispin. Apart from his advice, Crispin gives King Graham a piece of white snake and his old wand before King Graham and Cedric are off to find Mordack.

As is common with King's Quest games, the game's subtitle, Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder, is a variation of a well-known saying. The original saying is "absence makes the heart grow fonder."


King's Quest V was the first game in the series to feature VGA graphics and point-and-click gameplay. Earlier games offered EGA graphics, and a combination of movement - using mouse, joystick or the keyboard - and text commands as the user interface. The major advance in graphics helped make King's Quest V the best-selling computer game of all time when it was released.

Main Characters

  • King Graham - The protagonist of the game. Out to save his family and defeat the evil wizard Mordack.
  • Cedric - A talking owl whose job is to point out pretty obvious hazards and in some cases
  • Mordack - The evil wizard who takes King Graham's family and holds them prisoner at his distant castle.
  • Crispin - An old wizard who gives advice about Mordack and gives Graham his old wand for use later in the game.


The gameplay consists of point-and-click character movement over 2D hand-drawn planes. Utilizing the "hidden" toolbar at the top of the screen, players can select different icons; the options include speech, hand (to pickup objects), walking, and a variety of in-game options. One of the most important of these is the inventory icon. This will show all of the different items that have been accumulated. Using specific items against specific hazards, or showing an object to another person in the game is key to progressing through the game. However, some items can be used incorrectly - if this happens, the player may be placed in an unwinnable situation, meaning that the game must be restarted or loaded from a previous save.

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