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Rocket Riot, made by Dutch developer  Codeglue, is an XBLA title long in development. The game consists of a single player campaign, an endurance mode, several multiplayer modes and a ton of unlockable characters.


Blockbeard, the main antagonist in the game
Blockbeard, the main antagonist in the game
The story revolves around a world where a pirate, named Blockbeard, has stolen everyone's legs since he lost his. A scientist named Professor M.C. Square then invents personal jetpacks you can strap to your behind. This enables you to fly, which is your source of transportation in Rocket Riot. You then go forward and fight through 80 levels in your pursuit of Blockbeard, until the final showdown. The story is told through mini cut scenes at the end of each of the 10 level sections.


Average Rocket Riot Gameplay
Average Rocket Riot Gameplay
The game is played  using the two analog sticks, one for movement, the other for shooting and aiming (Point at the direction you wish to shoot, and let go of the analog stick to shoot). The rockets then travel by arches, using the laws of gravity and inertia to dictate their paths. This ensures you to think, before you shoot. Then the player may pick up power blocks, which can help him defensively, offensively, or may even give him a disadvantage. The maps are pixelated and highly destructible. The environment will, however, regenerate over time. Instead of pixels, the players are made of polygons.

The main campaign consists of 8 10 level chunks, each with a main theme. For example; there is a military themed stage, and a haunted house themed stage (perhaps in reference to Castlevania). A lot of  levels consist of your standard deathmatch, but can also have different modes. There's modes where you have to find a person in the environment; a mode where you capture a football and throw it over a goal post; and levels where you have to destroy a specific objects. As the end of the game approaches you get a bit more variety ( the game will put you in a maze for example).

There are 80 different characters in the game, all of which are unlocked by killing them in any of the game modes. The characters range from zombies, soldiers, pirates, and even ice cream cones.


Multiple players?!
Multiple players?!
The multiplayer consists of many of the modes you can play in the campaign. With team deathmatch, destroy the object, rugby riot, and, finally, golden guy. Golden guy is very similar to juggernaut, in which one person tries to obtain the golden suit. After obtaining said suit they fly around, disarmed, trying to remain alive as long as possible. If shot, he will lose the golden suit.  

Mobile version

 On August 17th at Gamescom 2010 in Germany, Microsoft announced that a mobile version of Rocket Riot is being developed for the Windows Phone 7 platform. The mobile version of Rocket Riot, like the XBLA version,is being developed by Dutch developer Codeglue. Rocket Riot for Windows Phone 7 will be a launch title when the Windows Phone 7 platform launches.

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