There must be something I'm missing.

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So I'm really enjoying the game so far, but I've been having some frustration with some of the challenges, specifically the ones that require air combos. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I cannot seem to do them. Watching the demonstration it gives for them, it shows them going further into the air after the opponent during the combo, and I just fall like a rock and miss anything after the first or second hit. On very rare occasion, like one in every 20 or 30 attempts, I will somehow do it right and he'll follow them up, but I never feel like I've done anything different, so I have no clue what to change. If anyone has any tips to help me out and tell me what it is that I'm missing here, I would greatly appreciate it. It wouldn't be nearly as frustrating if I knew why it wasn't working.

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While hitting your opponent in the air, you do a double jump towards your opponent and keep hitting them.

I think this is what you want? Just double jumping after the opponent? I apologize if I am misunderstanding you. What specific challenge are you talking about?

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@anbumakura: You might need to double jump. Watch the demonstration again and once they start following the opponent into the air, try to see where in the combo they go higher. That's where you double jump. Example, some characters do B, B, C, double jump, B, B, C, where other characters might do one B for two hits, double jump, another B for two hits, then finish, etc.

If you're holding up the entire time too, don't. Once you jump, let go of the stick/pad/whatever directional input you're using, press the buttons you need to, then when you need to double jump, hit up again. Furiously tapping up or holding it causes more headaches.

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yeah you need to do a second jump, but the timing has to be perfect, timing in general on some of the later challenges is so tight it almost seems impossible. I'm sure that if I played more it wouldn't seem that way.

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They really ought to just tell you where you need to double jump in the that list of commands.

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@Liquidus: The demonstration mode solves that problem though.

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It's probably just your timing or you need a second jump. I know I was having issues with one of Yousuke's combos because I had to wait for him to descend a little before I continued.

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