Adachi social link help

#1 Posted by jebara (63 posts) -

I'm having problems with adachis social link, for a very long while I wasn't able to hang out with him and now I just beat the Game dungeon and we are still at rank 2.

Is there still a chance I can get his Slink into a level that will effect the ending?

#2 Posted by Oobir (71 posts) -

Yes, you still have enough time to build him to the appropriate level. His Link doesn't take very much time, so just remember to look out for him at day and night since his schedule is irregular.

#3 Posted by dogman795 (109 posts) -

Keep in mind that you can't slink with him while someone is missing though, he's only available after clearing a dungeon and before someone shows up on the midnight channel.

Around rank 4, i think, he becomes available only at night. But, you only need him at rank 6 before december. The rest is automatic.

#4 Posted by jebara (63 posts) -

@dogman795: Yeah, I didn't realize that till pretty late in the game and that is what concerns me.

Just found him to rank 3.

Dude, was hard to find even without the dungeon stuff so I Hope I keep this up.

@Oobir: Just found that out too.

Thanks guys.

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