Persona 5 PS4 release very possible

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Why are people so hung up on this? Atlus is not a big group and dedicating a ton of resources to developing a for a new console would have been ridiculous for them.

Honestly, if Sony were smart they would coordinate with an outside team and work with Atlus to port the game to the PS4 exclusively. Kinda like they are supposedly doing with Borderlands 2, Iron Galaxy, and Vita. Would totally make sense to do this simultaneously as the game was being localized. There's enough fan outcry that most of the hardcore Persona devotees probably own PS4s making it an automatic buy. Hell, how many people bought Vita's to play Golden. I would totally welcome P5 in Winter 2015 (a year after the initial release) if it were on PS4.

I also think it would look pretty good for Sony if they could claim there would be a PS4 exclusive JRPG (meaning not on Xbox One) for North America in late 2014/early 2015.

Many people have been tweeting the people who say they listen to what the fans want in terms of third part games, so I guess it's something that they could consider if they wanted to do that.

I think the most wanted game there is Yakuza 5. At least that what I remember boyes was saying a while ago. ^^

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@darji said:

I think the most wanted game there is Yakuza 5. At least that what I remember boyes was saying a while ago. ^^

No, I think he was talking about localization requests, not a port to the PS4.

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I just want it to be good and well polished, I'm just glad to have the opportunity to even play another Persona. PS3 is plenty good enough.

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@fluxwavez: Yup, totally agree. The sales numbers came out today at P4 sold 700k which is pretty decent for a years old JPRG that was already released on the PS2. I think Gio Corsi is in charge of this stuff, if there was ever a need for an online petition (ala GTA5 for the PC) then the geeks on GAF should get moving. I have no intention of setting one up but would gladly sign and preorder.

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Ugh. It is indeed sad that my PS3 is still getting way more play time than my PS4. Sony should've bought up Index/ATLUS over Sega. They could've thrown a bunch of money/manpower at porting the existing PS3 code-base to the PS4, which in the end would've been worth it because I'm thinking P5 would've been a system-seller.

Persona 5 will definitely be the last game I play on my PS3... after Dark Souls 2 before it.

Gimme some games on your new system, Sony.

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After buying a PS4, man do I hope this game comes to it. I don't want to go back to my PS3 but I will because backlog but PLEASE. Give us a PS4 version Atlus!

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