Why cant I turn in this quest?

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If anyone can help me out with this, I have a completed quest but it wont let me turn it in. I collected all the items, she has the Green box with the check mark flashing, but when I try to turn it in it wont go. I noticed that red text, did I miss some other objective?


Any help appreciated. This is the only thing so far that I haven't been able to figure out on my own.

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Machine translation is:

  • Possession limit has exceeded the number of items
  • Pack the item because of lack of free space, not receive remuneration
  • Please pack items to organize the.

It seems really odd. Can you get a better images of the red text? I can't really read it from here.

Edit: Just checked the red text. I might have done some input wrong but it read this:

  • Darling can not report this Saiichi achieved only once

If I had to suspect anything, it sounds like it a quest you can only do once? But that doesn't explain why you weren't able to hand those items in.

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...Is your inventory full?

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How many dimates do you have on you right now?

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Figures it was something that simple. Thanks guys. I was maxed on dimates.

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